Artist: Neud Photo - All

Neud Photo - Synthetics

Neud Photo


Very obscure release this is, 8 tracks of hypnotizing post-modern decadance. All analog production, comes highly limited as a 100 copies edition with... more...

LP Custom Craft: CCR1001 remind

Neud Photo - Simulations

Neud Photo


NYC's Neud Photo returns to Pylon for a new Ep that is extremely limited to 200 copies!. Ranging from synth wave / italo / and electro. Neud Photo use... more...

EP Pylon: Pylon025/CC02 remind

Neud Photo / Zarkoff - Dimensions

Neud Photo / Zarkoff


Complete reworking of a Neud Photo track by Croatia based Zarkoff, who retooled it in to a dynamic, punchy, deep synth pop track f/ vocals by melancho... more...

12inch Kraftjerkz: KJ014 remind

Neud Photo - Dystopix

Neud Photo


Things have gotten darker with this release new release in three years by Neud Photo. Elegant craftsmanship, subtle but effective vocals whisper throu... more...

12inch Mysidian: MSDN1204 remind

Neud Photo - Open Air Cinema

Neud Photo

Open Air Cinema

Essential 6 track LP from New York via Detroit minimal wave producer, who takes the kraut of Kraftwerk, the sublime groove of early New Order, and the... more...

EP Pylon: Pylon019 € 13,99

Neud Photo - Interface

Neud Photo


Neud Photo with another cool release. Vintage 80's hardware based electro wave, and minimal electronix more...

LP Electunes: ETS013 € 14,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Neud Photo - OmnicroM

Neud Photo


Neud Photo returns with another cool ep with soma abstract minimal wave, electronix rooted in the 80's.

12inch Kraftjerkz: KJ013 € 10,99