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Nocow - Fort



Space downtemo beats from Saint Petersburg. Please welcome Lyosha Nocow. Dope dope dope!

10inch Ethereal Sound: ES014 remind

Nocow - Zathdax



Fine techno release on this new label from St.Petersburg by Nocow aka Aleksei Nikitin, who got his music released through labels such as Fauxpas, Styr... more...

12inch Roots United Records: RUR001 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Nocow - Ledyanoy Album


Ledyanoy Album

The latest offering in the ever so refined Gost Zvuk series is a full length album (2x12) by Russian master of all otherworldly sounds ''Nocow''. L... more...

2LP Gost Zvuk: GOST007 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Twr72 X Nocow - Figure Jams 003

Twr72 X Nocow

Figure Jams 003

igure Jams is back with a another fresh and exciting pairing of artists. This time the record is a collection of pure analogue goodness, sparkling rip... more...

12inch Figure: Figurejams003 remind

Nocow - Zemlya



Zemlya (earth), the final installment of Nocow‘s three-part EP-series for Figure unearths the artist‘s maybe most drastic work to date. While opener L... more...

12inch Figure: Figure094.3 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Nocow - Voda



Voda (water) the second part of his trilogy sees Aleksei Nikitin delving deep into Baltic seas. coming up again with chilled flows of acid on Vdaleke,... more...

12inch Figure: Figure094.2 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Nocow - Vozduh



Vozduh (air) marks the first in a series of EPs by Nocow for Figure, showcasing his emerging signature-style of Electronica-tinged techno. Drawing ins... more...

12inch Figure: Figure094.1 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Nocow - Ruins Tape


Ruins Tape

This masterpiece was produced by St. Petersburg based musician Alexey Nikitin aka Nocow for the siberian label Gimme5. This picture-perfect album with... more...

LP Fauxpas Musik: Fauxpas08 € 16,99

Nocow - Yule Ep


Yule Ep

Two beautiful post dubstep techno tracks on the german Styrax label. more...

12inch Styrax: STYRAX-NOCOW € 9,99

Nocow  - Samaya Dolgaya Noch Ep


Samaya Dolgaya Noch Ep

5 track Ep by Nocow... n ‘Soul Connection’ a spoken word vocal mutters over metallic percussion and ominous stabs whilst a dense pad washes over ever... more...

12inch REKIDS: Rekids112 € 10,99

Nocow - Atoner



Nocow with an enthralling full-length album! Real name Aleksei Nikitin, Nocow is known for his versatility, producing a large body of genre spanning w... more...

2LP REKIDS: REKIDS130 € 22,99

Nocow - Nocowalnya



Aleksei Nikitin, whose first release kindled the GOST ZVUK history (and whose brilliantly sparkish ''Ledyanoy Album'' was issued on the label a couple... more...

10inch Gost Instrument: GIN009 € 10,99