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DJ Dex (aka Nomadico) - Nomadico

DJ Dex (aka Nomadico)


DJ Dex's approach to techno is a hybrid style combining original synths, sampling, and quick edits, influenced by years of study with UR and his dedic... more...

7inch Underground Resistance: UR7-061us remind

Nomadic - Metro-Mover



Pure electro with intensive programming and edits. The moods are melancholy yet brash and unyielding. The beats and rhythms themselves are ghetto-lade... more...

12inch Dopamine: Dopamine 02 remind

Nomadico - The Nomadico ep


The Nomadico ep

Nomadico (Dj Dex) getting seriously down to producing rough-edged, funktastic and gutsy techno once again...

12inch Underground Resistance: UR061 remind

Nomadic - Trek 19 [Part 2]


Trek 19 [Part 2]

Second limited edition 12inch from Cuban artist Ailain Hernandez aka new Touchin Bass signing Nomadic. Broken down beats, melancholic melodies, glitch... more...

12inch Touchin Bass: Touchin Bass 032 remind

Nomadico - Ganas EP


Ganas EP

The Ganas EP is dedicated to Professor Jaime Escalante who passed away on March 30, 2010. The movie ''Stand and Deliver'' was based on his life. As... more...

12inch Underground Resistance: UR083 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Nomadico - Yaxteq



Nomadico returns and unleashes Yaxteq on UR with four unique tracks that work together to express his nomadic style of Techno. The release starts wi... more...

12inch Underground Resistance: UR091 remind

Nomadic - Trek 19


Trek 19

On Trek 19 Nomadic experiments in an unusual way of song writing. He manages to somehow tell a mysterious story layering Broken down Beats, Blanked Me... more...

CD Touchin Bass: Touchin Bass 030cd € 23,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Nomadico - The Code Switcha


The Code Switcha

DJ Dex aka Nomadico has written and produced 10 new unreleased tracks for this double LP “The Code Switcha”. It features a range of tempos and sonic d... more...

2x12inch Yaxteq: YXTQ004 € 25,99

Nomadico - Yaxteq 01


Yaxteq 01

Los Angeles based Nomadico releases the first record on his own label Yaxteq. The music on this release sums up 10 years of work with Underground Resi... more...

12inch Yaxteq: YXTQ001 € 13,99