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Norken  - Memories Ep


Memories Ep

Norken aka Metamatic releases his first EP on Neo Ouija. Four highly sought after cuts that symbolise the Norken sound at the time: Deep House with th... more...

12inch Neo Ouija: Neo039 remind

Norken - BlueDivide: Remodelled


BlueDivide: Remodelled

Fusion of Detroitesque nuances, pulsing and sighing house, lush soundscapes and warm, blissful ambience. Remodelled by 7 different artists..

12inch Hydrogen Dukebox: Hydrogen Dukebox 113djv remind

Norken - The lost day ep


The lost day ep

4 tracks of beautyfull and deep Detroitisch (Carl Craig, Art, Like mind) like techno. Nice stuff!!

12inch Delsin: 09DSR remind

Norken - Our Memories Of Winter


Our Memories Of Winter

Lee Anthony Norris became well known inside the electronic scene through his project Metamatics. In contrary to Metamatics, Norken was more focused on... more...

2LP Combination Records: Combination Records 035-1 remind

Norken - Southern Soul


Southern Soul

Delsin's re-issue arm is back with a timely release of classic Norken material. Featuring on the EP is the cult 'Southern Soul' - originally released... more...

12inch Delsin: DSR/X10 € 9,49

Norken - The Lost Day EP


The Lost Day EP

Classic Norken/Delsin EP from 2000 re-issued with new artwork. Original release text: Lee Norris became known with his releases as Metamatics, through... more...

12inch Delsin: 9DSR € 9,99