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LA Vampires/Octo Octa - Wherever Boy

LA Vampires/Octo Octa

Wherever Boy

Octo Octa adds the melancholy to LA Vampires infinite fadness on, their reaching/preaching 50/50 collab. LaVamps traded her cheap LA's chic booty-budg... more...

12inch 100% Silk: Silk031 remind

Octo Octa - Further Trips

Octo Octa

Further Trips

Brooklyn based producer shows off his knack for rich grooves, & melodies that are intoxicating in nature. The drive, & atmosphere are what led Deepbla... more...

12inch Deepblak Recordings: DBRV026 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Octo Octa - Aimless

Octo Octa


Nice release by brooklyn based producer Octo Octa! (100% Silk, Running Back, Deepblak, Argot, Stay Undergroun It Pays)

12inch Skylax: LAX144 remind