Artist: Oliver Kapp - All

Oliver Kapp - Out of he Unknown

Oliver Kapp

Out of he Unknown

Drivin Detroit techno tracks with funky rhythm programming and deep string layers.. Incl. a nice Lightman track!! Check..

12inch Indulge: Indulge011 remind

Oliver Kapp - Tomorrow People

Oliver Kapp

Tomorrow People

Two minimal techno tracks by Oliver "Indulge" Kapp.. The John Thomas remix on the flip is a more floor orientated techno cut..

12inch Logistic: Logistic 022 remind

Oliver Kapp - Static

Oliver Kapp


Minimal Detroit techno from the master..

12inch Indulge: Indulge 002 remind

Oliver Kapp - Bella figura ep

Oliver Kapp

Bella figura ep

4 slammin' minimal Detroit techno tracks.

12inch Indulge: Indulge 007 remind

Oliver Kapp & Lightman - Randomabstract

Oliver Kapp & Lightman


One of the best record on olivers labels. 5 tracks from soulfull to slammin' minimal Detroit techno. RESPECT!!

12inch Indulge: Indulge 004 remind

Oliver Kapp - Images of Desire ep

Oliver Kapp

Images of Desire ep

Stunning release by Oliver Kapp. 3 minimal Detroit techno tracks. The B side is a slow building track with warm strings. Superb release!!!

12inch Indulge: Indulge 010 remind

Oliver Kapp - Timing zero ep

Oliver Kapp

Timing zero ep

4 Mills-like Detroit techno tracks. Must have for all techno jocks.

12inch Indulge: Indulge 008 (white) remind

Oliver Kapp and Frame Six - The Clicque ep

Oliver Kapp and Frame Six

The Clicque ep

Three tracks of Detroit inspired techno. On the A side Frame Six's ''Clique 01'' is dark and has a steady, simple and not too loud beat, and pleeps an... more...

12inch Black & White: Black & White BWR 002 remind

Oliver Kapp - Mandancer ep

Oliver Kapp

Mandancer ep

Minimal Detroit techno tracks (NSC press).. Great!

12inch Indulge: ME05 € 9,49

Oliver Kapp - Genetic EP

Oliver Kapp

Genetic EP

4 driving techno tracks with that strange raw Detroit funk that people like Mills and Hood have in their music. Again a very stong release!!

12inch Grammar: Gram006 € 5,99

Oliver Kapp - Lonely Room

Oliver Kapp

Lonely Room

Cool release on Dj T!Ms imprint produced by Oliver Kapp (Indulge). 5 tracks of the finest Detroit inspired (floorburning to more moody) techno. more...

12inch Grammar: Gram002 € 5,99

Oliver Kapp - Merge ep

Oliver Kapp

Merge ep

(Back in) First release on Oliver Kapp's Imprint. This is a rare release with 4 crazy tracks of minimalistic techno experiments. Must have!!!

12inch Indulge: ME01 € 9,49

Oliver Kapp - Indulge Ep

Oliver Kapp

Indulge Ep

Oliver Kapp known for his many cool releases on Indulge records and Raygun is back with this re-release. Incl Par Grindvik and Fabrice Lig Remixes.

12inch Stockholm: SthlmltdME € 5,99