Artist: Patronen - All

Patronen - A/B/C/D



Four high quality vinyl records lacquer mastering, 4x12'', white vinyl compound. Plexiglass jacket + fiber bolts + translucens cardboards. There is a... more...

4x12inch Fundamental records: FR013 remind

Patronen - Patronen A/B


Patronen A/B

Really nice analogue sounding electro and techno tracks. ''This record is not simply a compilation of great tracks, it is a conceptual album. Two full... more...

2LP Fundamental records: FR007AB/TP001 € 39,99

Patronen - Patronen C/D


Patronen C/D

Limited Edition recycled cardboard sleeve version which has never been fully released and less than 50 copies exist! Great analogue sounding electro a... more...

2LP Fundamental records: FR013CD/TP004 € 39,99