Artist: Percussions - All

Percussions - Bird Songs / Rabbit Songs
12inch Text Records: Text017 remind

Percussions - KHLHI / Sext


KHLHI / Sext

Kieran Hebden aka Four Tet delivers two raw but slinky swingers under the Percussions alias. On top, 'KHLHI' shakes out a bobbling beatdown garage rhy... more...

12inch Text Records: Text029 remind

Percussions - Ascii Bot / Blatant Water Cannon


Ascii Bot / Blatant Water Cannon

Second of two surprise 12''s from Kieran Hebden (Four Tet) under his Percussions guise. A-side cycles a mesmerising cosmic house groove frothing layer... more...

12inch Text Records: Text030 remind

Nakara Percussions - Untitled

Nakara Percussions


Hypnotic percussion tracks and organic soundscapes drawing on African, Asian, Indian & South American traditions, recorded deep in the French countrys... more...

LP KOMOS: KOS001 € 27,99