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Phantom Slasher - Gruble

Phantom Slasher


More disco oddities and tongue-in-cheek weirdness by Dan Tyler & Conrad McDonnell aka idjut Boys on the obscure, in-demand Noid imprint! more...

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Phantom Slasher - Ep

Phantom Slasher


Dan Tyler & Conrad McDonnell aka The Idjut Boys have been very busy doing their thing. Always versatile and shot through with warm psychedelia and tha... more...

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Phantom Slasher - Nicoteen / Bethlehem

Phantom Slasher

Nicoteen / Bethlehem

Two new tracks by the idjut boys... great old schoolish disco.

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Phantom Slasher - Weekend / Canvas

Phantom Slasher

Weekend / Canvas

The third in the Phantom Slasher limited edits series! This final instalment features the seriously in demand rework of 'Weekend' from the superb Mix... more...

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Phantom Slasher - Skullvolley / Tent Pole

Phantom Slasher

Skullvolley / Tent Pole

Hot re-edit stuff including one of Class Action's ''Weekend. Idjut boys know how it works!!

12inch Noid: NOID0308 remind