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Poni Hoax - Budapest ep (Joakim Remix)

Poni Hoax

Budapest ep (Joakim Remix)

Fantastic bit of horror disco with anxious female vocals and creaking cellos, this French 5-some are ready to save French rock and take it into the cl... more...

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Poni Hoax - Involutive Star (Joakim remix)

Poni Hoax

Involutive Star (Joakim remix)

Involutive Star is one of their happiest bit of disco rock with some old school house keyboards and crispy techno bass-lines.On the flip-side, the bus... more...

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Poni Hoax - Antibodies

Poni Hoax


First extract from Poni Hoax new album to come. Produced by electro wizzard Joakim, and including killer remix version from Chateau Flight. Poni Hoax... more...

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Poni Hoax - Hypercommunication

Poni Hoax


Poni Hoax' second extract from their much anticipated new album 'Images Of Sigrid'with the JOAKIM club monster mix. On a different tip but still highl... more...

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Poni Hoax - The Bride Is On Fire

Poni Hoax

The Bride Is On Fire

Poni Hoax poppiest moment comes reshaped by Chloe, one of our favourite French producer and DJ. She managed to turn the original into a long hypnotic... more...

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