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Priori - Anform EP


Anform EP

Priori's second solo offering comes in the form of Anform: a wandering four tracker, including a rework from Project Pablo.

12inch ASL Singles Club: ASL015 remind

Priori - Little Flower


Little Flower

New Mini LP featuring 5 hyper-textured earthy pieces from Priori. The music flows and breathes, recounting stories from the perspective of a little fl... more...

Mini-LP petitefleur: petitefleur € 16,99
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Priori's colorful dance tune 'Infinity' is now available physically. Features the original floaty version as well as Dust-e-1's impeccbly streamlined... more...

12inch INFINITY: INFINITY remind

Priori - SCN EP



It's a pleasure to welcome Priori to the DustWORLD family.. What an EP.. Hope everyone is well out there..

12inch Dust World: DWLD004 € 9,99

Priori - On a Nimbus


On a Nimbus

A debut album by NAFF co-founder Priori. ‘On a Nimbus’ brings you to the heart of the network. It's frenetic and weightless, bleepy and essentially na... more...

2x12inch NAFF: Naff006 € 25,99

Priori - Noogenesis EP


Noogenesis EP

Next release on Echovolt's regular run is the debut ep by Priori, co-founder of Naff Recordings. Three cuts of large-scale psychedelia where machines... more...

12inch Echovolt: EVR029 € 10,49

Priori - Your Own Power


Your Own Power

Following on from the 2020 release of ‘On A Nimbus’, Priori returns with his second album ‘Your Own Power’ to be released on the 12th November via NAF... more...

2x12inch NAFF: NAFF014 € 24,99

Priori presents RED - RED 1

Priori presents RED


Nodes emerge across vast distances, linked without ever touching, feeling what they cannot see. With RED, Priori finds order amid a fluttering chaos o... more...

12inch GARMO: GARM002 € 11,99

Healion (Priori & Ex-T) - In Light, It Undoes Nothing (Ludwig AF remix)

Healion (Priori & Ex-T)

In Light, It Undoes Nothing (Ludwig AF remix)

Unforeseen arrangements: Droplets gather in clinging mist, Multitudes within multitudes. The world has a body that spares everything; In light, it... more...

12inch NAFF: NAFF012 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L