Artist: Qnete - All

Qnete - Untitled



Three drummachine driven tracks with their own, young dynamic, interpretation of energy.

12inch Zckr records: ZCKR09 remind

Qnete - Grey City Anthem


Grey City Anthem

12 minute Electro-Acid-Techno bomb.

One sided 12 Zckr records: ZCKR12 remind

Qnete - DRWND005
12inch Drowned: DRWND005 remind

Qnete - Devils In The Dust


Devils In The Dust

X-Kalay welcomes in the summer with another label debut from Leipzig based artist Marvin Uhde aka Qnete. An accomplished, yet hugely underrated produc... more...

12inch X-Kalay: XK018 remind

Qnete - Clapping the Soles of your Feet (+ Leibniz remix)


Clapping the Soles of your Feet (+ Leibniz remix)

Drowned Records is bringing you a Qnete jam that can be described as nothing else but a ‘psycho banger’. Included is also a second version of the trac... more...

12inch Drowned: DRWND009 € 11,99

Qnete - Shtum 018


Shtum 018

Qnete brings four Power House bangers to the dance floor. The four tracks came to his mind during a Segway tour through Leipzig's problem districts. T... more...

12inch Shtum: Shtum018 € 10,49

Qnete & Carmel - The Trifecta
12inch QC Records: QCOK02 € 10,99