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Quarion - Karasu



The 4th DPC release comes from Geneva's Ianeq (Get Physical, A Few Among Others, Mental Groove) who goes by the name Quarion here. ''Karasu'' is a ver... more...

12inch Drumpoet Community: DPC004-1 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Quarion - Karasu (Deetron & Crowdpleaser remixes)


Karasu (Deetron & Crowdpleaser remixes)

Hot new Detroit techno influenced remixes by DEETRON (Music Man) and Crowdpleaser (Mental Groove).

12inch Drumpoet Community: DCP009-1 remind

Quarion - The Workout


The Workout

Building tracks with classy driving bass lines. Reminding us very much of old Blake Baxter track with wispering male vocals.

12inch Drumpoet Community: DPC015-1 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Quarion - Dusty Fingers


Dusty Fingers

Allthough the summer here is nearly to an end, Quarion provides us with the perfect summer soundtrack! Deep house grooves, with smooth rhodes and effe... more...

12inch Retreat: RTR003 remind

Quarion - Moons Around Jupiter


Moons Around Jupiter

Label boss Quarion delivers 4 beautiful house tracks

12inch Retreat: RTR008 remind

Session Victim / Quarion - Treats Vol.2

Session Victim / Quarion

Treats Vol.2

Treats vol.2 showcases that these guys can move beyond the traditional House sound and incorporating more Soul and Disco influences as well as coming... more...

12inch Retreat: RTR005 remind

Quarion - Shifts in Environment


Shifts in Environment

Another sweet Retreat dropping some quality house tunes ranging from jazzy-disco to more tight modern club orientated tracks.

12inch Retreat: RTR013 remind

Quarion / Chaton / Se-Te-Ve - +91 Ahead Session 4

Quarion / Chaton / Se-Te-Ve

+91 Ahead Session 4

An eternal raw groove, dirty keys, deep & dub chords...extended house for club abuse ! Part 4.

12inch Plak records: Plak022 € 8,49

Quarion - Shale Gas EP


Shale Gas EP

The awesome analogue opener on this EP will have you reaching for the stars as Quarion opens up on the machines and shows us a new side of his super... more...

12inch Muhk Music: Muhk004 € 8,49

Quarion - Funkhaus Phantoms


Funkhaus Phantoms

Berlin based Quarion make his debut on Tamed Musiq with Funkhaus Phantoms. Two tracks straight out the mind of the retreat boy.

12inch Tamed Musiq: TMX005 € 8,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Quarion - Cobblestone EP


Cobblestone EP

Quarion is back on Drumpoet with an enchanting new EP that leaves nothing to be desired. Cobblestone takes the dancer on a deep sensual journey, build... more...

12inch Drumpoet Community: DPC069-1 € 9,99