Artist: Regal - All

Regal - Mute



Three track ep ranging from dubby stripped down to fist pump action techno tools.

12inch Enemy Records: Enemyltd007 remind

Regal - Remixes



Second release on Spanish Involve label with killer remixes by Jeroen Search, Mark Broom, Pacou.

12inch Involve Records: Inv002 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Regal - Chaos Ep


Chaos Ep

Straight up banging acid by Regal in a updated 90's stylo.

12inch Involve Records: Inv005 remind

Regal - Monomyth
12inch Figure: Fig063 remind

Regal  - Savage
12inch Enemy Records: Enemy024 remind

Regal - Salie Ep


Salie Ep

Heavy pounding acid injected techno racks by Regal.

12inch Involve Records: Inv010 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Regal - From Other Sounds (Radio Slave Remix)


From Other Sounds (Radio Slave Remix)

One of Madrid’s hottest techno-exports, Regal, is back on Figure with a special EP comprising both new works from him plus two creative re-interpretat... more...

12inch Figure: Figure082 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Regal - Acid Is the Answer


Acid Is the Answer

Modern pounding acid tracks by the producer from Madrid on his own Involve label.

12inch Involve Records: Inv014 remind

Regal - The Eyes


The Eyes

Regal’s BPitch Berlin debut draws heavily on early hardcore and the powerful acid sound that has become Gabriel Cassina’s signature style but showcase... more...

12inch Bpitch Control: BPC342 remind

Regal - Ego Wars


Ego Wars

Exactly one year after his debut ''The Eyes'' for BPitch Berlin, ''Ego Wars'' is the follow-up EP of Spanish artist Regal. With the three tracks (as w... more...

12inch Bpitch Control: BPX006 € 10,49

Regal - Alma Mater Ep


Alma Mater Ep

Monotone full of tension Acid injected techno tracks. Hot!

12inch Involve Records: Inv008 € 9,99

Regal - Regal



First release on Involve records with three solid techno tracks by Regal. Fierce acid injected no-nonsense functional cuts. Check!

12inch Involve Records: Inv001 € 11,99