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Robert Bergman - Champion Sound

Robert Bergman

Champion Sound

Heavyweight 12'' just in time to soundtrack the demise of humanity. No internet-ready 'deep' home listening tracks but a continuation of the previous... more...

12inch Brew: B012 remind

Legowelt / Robert Bergman - Telepathic Civilization / Volg De Vink

Legowelt / Robert Bergman

Telepathic Civilization / Volg De Vink

A Limited 12'' (200 copies) split release with a track from both Legowelt a.k.a Danny Wolfers and Robert Bergman is the result of BAKK's latest projec... more...

12inch BAKK: BAKK001 remind

Robert Bergman - B02

Robert Bergman


Raw & mental jack tools by herr Bergman!

12inch Brew: B02 remind

Robert Bergman - B03
12inch Brew: B03 remind

Robert Bergman - Brew 08

Robert Bergman

Brew 08

More machinetrk's from the cyborg camp. Well recommended for the more robotical amongst us.

12inch Brew: B08 € 11,99

Robert Bergman - Untitled

Robert Bergman


The Brewmaster General (Brew Records, War Games) makes his long awaited debut on L.I.E.S. Currently, Amsterdam's bearer of the underground torch, Mr.... more...

12inch LIES: LIES149 € 14,99