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SC-164 - CH-002



SC-164 is a new label based out of Brooklyn, NY, run by Greg Schappert aka Donor. The Channel series is set to include a run of electro and experiment... more...

12inch SC-164: SC164002 remind

SC-164 - Eastern District


Eastern District

For the launch of Subapical we welcome a new project from Greg Schappert aka Donor. Greg is more widely known for his techno output on respected label... more...

12inch Subapical: Subapical01 € 13,99

SC-164 - Clone & Conceal


Clone & Conceal

Scientists. White lab coats. The whirr of computers. SC-164 was a sonic experiment. Greg Schappert, an electronic musician known as Donor, was the wil... more...

12inch Shipwrec: Ship045 € 9,99

SC-164 - CH-003



SC-164 is a project based out of Brooklyn, NY. The Channel series will include music exclusively by Greg Schappert aka Donor, under his SC-164 alias,... more...

12inch SC-164: SC164003 € 12,99

SC-164 - Human Grid EP


Human Grid EP

CE welcomes Brooklyn based SC-164 to the fold. 3 tracks of dark sub heavy industrial electro to shake warehouses and basements alike. Complete with a... more...

EP Cultivated Electronics: CE030 € 10,49