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Squarepusher - Go Plastic


Go Plastic

Raw experimental jungle like breakbeat stuff.. Lots of danceble tunes and his more experimental work.. Tip!

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Squarepusher - Untitled



New one sided Squarepusher 12". Crzay Afx style broken beats

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Squarepusher - Do You Know Squarepusher


Do You Know Squarepusher

Stunning lp loaded with funky experimental trickery.. Including the limited hit ''Do you know Sqaerepusher'' & an excellent cover of Joy Division's ''... more...

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Squarepusher - Ultravisitor



A mindblowing blend of industrial, drum'n'bass, jazz, noise & warm electronix. F*cking awesome!

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Squarepusher - Budakhan Mindphone


Budakhan Mindphone

New mini album by Tom Jenkinson.

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Squarepusher - Venus No.17


Venus No.17

Jazzy breakbeat funked-up ESP electronix from the square man...

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Squarepusher - Hello Everything


Hello Everything

This is Squarepusher's best album yet. 'Hello Everything' is an absolute pleasure. An album with a contented warmth and richness which can be savoured... more...

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Squarepusher - Just A Souvenir


Just A Souvenir

Warp / More frenetic beats from Squarepusher, who manages to fuse polar musical genres for this album on Warp. It's a giddy, chromatic blizzard of qua... more...

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Squarepusher - Numbers Lucent


Numbers Lucent

If the prog rock meets jazz fusion of the last album was a bit too much and you're still hankering after the classic Pusher sound from such seminal re... more...

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Squarepusher - Shobaleader (Mr Oizo rmx)


Shobaleader (Mr Oizo rmx)

n A side CRYPTIC MOTION, the perfect soundtrack for a remake of Zabriskie Point in 2012, heavy bass that slaps your flesh and some sunset vocoder. MR... more...

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Squarepusher - Ufabulum



Special edition vinyl set. Rigid box and lid wrapped and lined in black, screen printed in glow-in-the-dark and regular ink, so that when the lights g... more...

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Squarepusher - Welcome To Europe


Welcome To Europe

IMPORTANT: These are limited warehouse finds and are often sealed, unplayed or barely played copies, but have been stored in a humid environment. Some... more...

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Squarepusher - Ufabulum + Enstrobia


Ufabulum + Enstrobia

CD Album in six panel digipak with twelve page booklet, plus three track Enstrobia CD EP also in digipak, bound together in a slipcase.

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Squarepusher - Ultravisitor



A weird blend of industrial, drill'n'bass, jazz, noise & warm electronics. Impressive.

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