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Swag - Felony funk (sampler)


Felony funk (sampler)

Modern funky house very well produced. ranging from more house orientated tracks to more deep funky break beat tracks.(Album also available)

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Swag Vs. Pete Herbert - Part 02 The Remixes

Swag Vs. Pete Herbert

Part 02 The Remixes

Hot remixes! The A-side features Swag's Hot Gloves remixed By Bakazou (aka Pete Herbert). Pete’s on fire right now and he came up with an awesome ital... more...

12inch Battle: BAT010.2 remind

DJ Swagger - Greatest Hits

DJ Swagger

Greatest Hits

Born from the rank stench of the city streets, DJ Swagger hits on hard with joy riding electronic jams forged from bullet casings, hub caps and cigare... more...

12inch Natural Sciences: Natural007 remind

Swag - Ear Candy ep


Ear Candy ep

Nice effective tech-house ep.. 4 tracks.. 4 different styles.. Tip..

12inch Version: Version 09 € 4,99

Son Swagga - Fires Of Quidel

Son Swagga

Fires Of Quidel

Fires of Quidel is the culmination of Son Swaggas first year as a band, a year spent refining their music, building connections as bandmembers and fri... more...

LP Sena: Sena06705 € 24,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L