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O F F M S G / TEE MANGO - Edits #2


Edits #2

2 Fresh edits here from MH Black. O F F M S G coming with the if 'Carl Craig did disco' vibe While Tee Mango brings the slow-mo looseness of a R... more...

12inch Various UK re-releases: BLK002 remind

Tee Mango - Trbute #1

Tee Mango

Trbute #1

Strong house tracks!! ''Leave You is the lead track here and sounds like the lovelorn offspring of St Germain’s timeless Rose Rouge & a long lost Pepe... more...

12inch Millionhands Black: TRI001 remind

Tee Mango - Tribute #2

Tee Mango

Tribute #2

Throw is the 1st track here, which manages to loop a refrain and bass that Candy Staton anthem, all the while sounding like a forgotten Moodymann MPC... more...

12inch Millionhands Black: BLK004 remind

Tee Mango  - Tribute #5

Tee Mango

Tribute #5

Lovely loose sample based house tracks by Tee Mango. Limited supplies on this as usual.

12inch Millionhands Black: TRI005 remind

Tee Mango - #2

Tee Mango


Tee Mango with more hot goodness! A side 'Come A Little Closer samples a personal favourite ''Make It Last Forever'' by Inner Life which is paired wit... more...

12inch Aus Music: Aus127 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Tee Mango - Tribute #4

Tee Mango

Tribute #4

Another strong one!! Arpeggios shimmer and crisp simple drums hiss and fizz along, until introduction of the classic detroitian vocal and one shot f... more...

12inch Millionhands Black: TRI004 € 12,99

Tee Mango - Losing Control

Tee Mango

Losing Control

4 prime house tracks on Clone Royal Oak by Mr Millionhands Black aka Tee Mango. A very versatile EP that continues the tradition of the Royal Oak ser... more...

12inch Clone Royal Oak: Royal038 € 9,99

Tee Mango  - Tribute #3

Tee Mango

Tribute #3

Talk 2 Her​is the 1st track here. Acoustic guitars melt slowly into thick loose rhodes and held 101 licks, with a Classic (Def Mix produced) voc... more...

12inch Millionhands Black: TRI003 € 11,99

Tee Mango  - Imperfections Vol. 1

Tee Mango

Imperfections Vol. 1

a great celebration of off kilter electronic house music. Featuring vocal contributions from FEMME aka Laura Bettinson of Nigel Godrich’s ULTRAISTA,... more...

2LP Millionhands Black: BLK001A € 22,99