Artist: Textasy - All

TEXTASY - Acid Eater/Burning Diesel


Acid Eater/Burning Diesel

New record label by Craigie Knowes focussing on faster, harder and darker tracks. The first comes from a familiar affiliate of Craigie Knowes - TEXTAS... more...

10inch Craigie Knowes: EVIL001 remind

Textasy - Off The Leash


Off The Leash

'Off the Leash' is the cry of morphed pack animals from a UFO crash site. It’s radiated saliva dripped onto cold machinery burning through circuit boa... more...

12inch Natural Sciences: Natural010 remind

Textasy - Dallas Gun Club EP


Dallas Gun Club EP

The Lone Star State terror Textasy joins the Craigie Knowes firm with 4 hardcore and electro heaters. For club use only!

12inch Craigie Knowes: CKNOWEP6 remind

Textasy - Deep South Bass Cuts


Deep South Bass Cuts

Textasy explores the midwest electro axis, with a club ready two tracker of new wave techno bass (featuring DJ Di’jital) and busted sleaze bag jungle.... more...

12inch Dolphin Trax: DT02 remind