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Trouble In Side

Zulu Rap

''Worthy re-issue of obscure Trouble in Side, which is a one-off studio project entirely written, sung and arranged by Luigi Della Ragione. ''Zulu Rap... more...

12inch Best Record: BST-X086 € 16,99

The Dark Side of Underground

Comado EP

Rudolf (Mr. Tophat) and Jac (Skycity) team up for this weirdo-acid-filled collaboration. Two straight up danceable quirky-cozy-basement-club tracks.... more...

EP Twilight Enterprise: TE-777-DSU-1 € 11,99

12inch Bosconi: Bosconi043 remind

Side On


Insane synth-heavy feel-good Brit-Funk classic and huge favourite of Dam-Funk. A certified UK boogie bomb, originally released in 1982, and coming hot... more...

12inch Be With Records: BEWITH010TWELVE € 15,99

12inch Dizzy Tunes: Dizzy017 € 10,99

Third Side

Harmonia ep

Hot coming straight from the Moustache Records building is this Moustache Techno Series 006 made by the notorious berlin based trio "Third Side" (Mari... more...

12inch Moustache: MTECHS006 € 9,99

Third Side + Virginia

''Shit On Me'' remixes

Third Side's infamous Shit On Me, taken from their first full-length release, Unified Fields is given a four-pronged remix ante up by some of techno’s... more...

12inch Restoration: RST016 remind

The Other Side Of The City

Downtown R

This label launches a serie of LPs with analogique Techno tracks from the heart of the other side of the city. Techno appears and becomes a parallel b... more...

12inch The Other Side Of The City: City01 remind

Third Side

Unified Fields

It’s easy to come across many techno albums which contain neither a true vision nor a concept these days. However, throughout the last three years, th... more...

2LP Restoration: RSTLP001 € 18,49

Third Side

Unity Remixes (with Blawan, Steffi, Nightjars)

The original ''Unity'', a fat overshadowing deep techno track, written and produced only with machines and recorded on tape, comes with 3 massive anal... more...

12inch Restoration: RST015 remind

Third Side Meets Nd Baumecker

Retro Vogue / Burning

The fruit of the first labours of the Third Side (Marieu, Steffi, Lucretio) with nd baumecker is breathtaking and bewitching. The two gems on this 12?... more...

12inch Restoration: RST013 remind

Third Side / Lucretio / Marieu

Amber EP

Raw uncompromising techno house tracks with a analogue machine feel to it with artists that also contributed to some Livejam records recently!

12inch Restoration: RST011 € 8,99

Third Side


Restoration with classy techno tracks from Third Side. Proper dj tools from this reliable label from Berlin!

12inch Restoration: RST010 remind


I Want To Be With You

Very cool stripped Chi-house with a massive bassline... Master C & J Mix included. original sealed copies!

12inch streetside: SS-102 remind

Agent Side Grinder

The Transatlantic Tape Project

The true experimental side of Agent Side Grinder is shown in ‘The Transatlantic Tape Project’. This project started as a way to keep working together... more...

LP Enfant Terrible: Enfant016 remind

Agent Side Grinder

Irish Recording Tape LP

fter the debut album was finished and released one of the members had to leave for the USA for about one and a half year. During this time the band co... more...

LP Enfant Terrible: Enfant015 remind

Trouble Funk

Drop The Bomb

Masters of Washington, D.C.'s '80s go-go craze, Trouble Funk brought early hip-hop to the dancefloor. Being even more inspired by '70s funk bands like... more...

12inch Sugar Hill: Sugar Hill SHL 140 remind

Side Four

Wrist Block (Joey Beltram mix)

Tony Rohr and Dietrich Schoenemann team up for a monster under their Side Four moniker. Rolling beats and quick edits start it off before effects and... more...

12inch Hidden Agenda: Hidden Agenda 024 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Side Effect

Always There

Re-issue of classic Wayne Henderson production from 1976.

12inch Fantasy: Fantasy 769 remind

Trouble Man

The Messenger

Excellent release by Mark Pritchard (Global Communications); Very funky and slick groovin stuff.. Check out !!!!!!

12inch Far Out: Far Out 051 remind

The Other Side Of Space

Techno Drivers

Slammin Detroit electro stomper produced by Erick Travis from BMC/FACT records. Executive produced by MAD MIKE and J.D. This is the real sh*t!!!!!!!!... more...

12inch Metroplex: M030us remind

Trouble funk

Trouble funk express

Great early electro/hip hop classic, remake of kraftwerk classic(before afrika bambataa), Serious record!!

12inch D.E.T.T.: D.E.T.T. remind