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Ulwhednar - LP



Mysticism and howlings from the past swirls like winter torn winds around the pitch black atmosphere of Ulwhednar's LP on Northern Electronics. The co... more...

LP Northern Electronics: NE04 remind

Ulwhednar - 1520



Abdulla Rashim and Varg's collaborative project are back for another quest in sonic experiments and northern tales. Including two locked grooves. more...

LP Northern Electronics: NE13 € 13,99

Ulwhednar - Modern Silver


Modern Silver

The latest work from Ulwhednar (Abdulla Rashim & Varg) scans the club for afflicted movers with variations of overcast fervour. It's cavernous anguish... more...

LP Northern Electronics: NE33 € 15,99

Ulwhednar - Razor Mesh Fencing


Razor Mesh Fencing

The relentless stride of Northern Electronics can be put down to the attitudes of its owners, Anthony Linell and Jonas Runnberg. Their collaborative p... more...

2LP Northern Electronics: NE61 € 19,99