Artist: Unknown - All

Unknown  - The Secret Initiative


The Secret Initiative

The Secret Initiative return with the latest chapter in the series. Going for a classic Detroit and Chicago Techno House vibe. ''East of the Northern... more...

12inch The Secret Initiative: TSI005 (66802) remind

Unknown - Knowone 08


Knowone 08

The No8 in the Knowone series... more smoking hot dub techno tracks from this unknown source. Lmd as always. Comes on White Marmbled vinyl.

12inch Knowone: KO008 remind

Unknown - Knowone LP 02


Knowone LP 02

The second Knowone album - again strictly limited copies ... 3x12Inch with a slightly change of sound that moves away from the smokey dubby tracks to... more...

3x12inch Knowone: KOLP002 remind

Unknown - Metropolis 1/2


Metropolis 1/2

New anonymous project from a known producer with some raw techno and dubstep cuts.

10inch Metropolis: Metropolis1/2 remind

Unknown - No. 9996


No. 9996

Phat techno tracks with a clubby feel on the obscure Stablo label. No further info.

12inch Stablo: Stablo9996 remind

Unknown - Unbalance #1


Unbalance #1

Nice hypnotic deeper techno tracks from unknown source. Small edition with no further information then the track titles.

12inch Unbalance: Unbalance001 remind

Unknown - Traversable Wormhole Vol.8


Traversable Wormhole Vol.8

Adam X's Traversable Wormhole continues where it has left, using it's futuristic sound to defend techno, bringing it far into the future. Techno-heads... more...

12inch Traversable Wormhole: TW008 € 9,99

Unknown - Knowone 07


Knowone 07

The series continues with more foggy swampy dub techno tracks by unknown artist. Expected to sell out in no-time!

12inch Knowone: KO007 remind

Unknown - Unbalance #2


Unbalance #2

Effective and powerfull dub techno tracks building on the heritage of Basic Channel and the likes. Comes as transparent vinyl, white labeled hand stam... more...

12inch Unbalance: Unbalance002 remind

Unknown - Mutable 04


Mutable 04

Unknown artist brings Disco magic to Mutable! more...

12inch Mutable: MUTABLE04 € 11,99

Unknown Me - Bishintai

Unknown Me


The 4th full-length by Tokyo Metropolis entity UNKNOWN ME, Bishintai, is a sublime synthetic suite of cosmic wellness transmissions exploring “the unk... more...

LP + Download Not Not Fun: NNF360 remind

Unknown - Camouflage Edits Vol.1


Camouflage Edits Vol.1

4 Disco-Edits on this first volume, all extended in the most respectful way to the original tracks. No filters, no gimmicks, just pure Disco in the tr... more...

12inch Camouflage Edits: CamoEdits001 € 8,99

Unknown - No. 9995


No. 9995

The latest Stablo. Driving rhythms with lush chords. Limited as usual. One copy per customer

12inch Stablo: Stablo9995 remind

Unknown - Track 02 / Track 03


Track 02 / Track 03

Two phat house tracks with no further info.

12inch DW: DW02 remind

Unknown - Untitled



This music sounds mysterious and moody. Well constructed works of smudgy acid and intermittent distortion make these tracks equally as ready for a dan... more...

12inch BANK Records: BANK010 remind

Unknown - Knowone 09


Knowone 09

Deep dubby techno tracks on the ongoing Knowone series. you know the drill... order quick!

12inch Knowone: KO009 remind

Unknown - MT Elephant Remixes – White Label


MT Elephant Remixes – White Label

Here we have a limited pressing containing three raw, underground house remixes of tracks from the forthcoming LP of a certain Essen based producer.... more...

12inch MT Elephant: MTELEPHANT01 remind

Unknown - #1



4 tracks ep by one of the New Yorks underground house music hero Romanthony.

12inch RHT: RHT1 remind

Unknown Unknown - Disco Edits vol. 1

Unknown Unknown

Disco Edits vol. 1

Cool disco edits. 12'' whitelabel ltd 200 pressing.

12inch Disc Company: DSCO001 remind

Unknown - Distant Planet (Star Trek Version)


Distant Planet (Star Trek Version)

Holy mackerel Jakman, what in the hell is going on here?? Ensuing mysteries as this mix rocks on at warp speed, scorching the rings of the cosmic onio... more...

12inch Creme: Crjak013 € 8,99

Unknown - The Secret Initiative


The Secret Initiative

TSI returns with more dark , deep hypnotic hard techno goodness this latest installment of TSI that somehow reminds on some early Unit Moebius works f... more...

12inch The Secret Initiative: TSI003 € 5,99

Unknown - Knowone 05
12inch Knowone: KO005 remind

Unknown - Love Edits


Love Edits

Soulful house tracks that come from unknown source... not sure if its edits or original works or 'borrowed' vocals..but for sure they do deliver on th... more...

12inch Luv: LM001 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Unknown - Most Of This Moment (Isolee rmx)


Most Of This Moment (Isolee rmx)

Exciting release by this unknown producer. Phat modern house tracks that go away from the current 90's vibe and deliver a fierce track with a killer b... more...

12inch Most Of This Time: MOTM01 remind

Unknown - Rootz Man Edit / Freeze Edit


Rootz Man Edit / Freeze Edit

After Disco its time to re-edit, mash up house classics.. think of this development what you want, one thing is sure that several of these are efectiv... more...

12inch Rootz: Rootz06 remind

Unknown - Knowone LP 01


Knowone LP 01

Beautiful advanced techno tracks with early Detroit and dubstep influenced rhythms and layers of dusty foggy synths and moaning spaced out vocals. Not... more...

3x12inch Knowone: KOLP001 remind

Unknown - Knowone 04


Knowone 04

Number 4 in this limited series of functional Basic Channel influenced techno releases from unknown source! Limited as usual!

12inch Knowone: KO004 remind

Unknown  - Clark / Kalk


Clark / Kalk

Rootz continues with more dj friendly mash-ups and sample circus. Old school proto house sound! Limited supplies... don't sleep!

12inch Rootz: Rootz05 remind

Unknown - Sensation 909 / Utilize The Beat


Sensation 909 / Utilize The Beat

Two restyled chicago tracks that work the floor like crazy. Especially the a-side track is a blueprint chicago track, basic and raw that kills it. Fli... more...

12inch Nine 0 Nine: 90901 remind

Unknown - Do What You Do


Do What You Do

Internatioal Feel edit release 4. Although is it an edit - can you spot the samples and who or who actually did it (if indeed it is an edit) ? Limited... more...

12inch International Feel: Efeel004 remind

Unknown - Transit Ways / Seven Days Left


Transit Ways / Seven Days Left

Heavy bass driven post Basic Channel techno tracks. 4th release in this series and equal quality as the previous 12''s.

12inch 1XA: 1XA004 remind

Unknown - Studio 89 Records 001


Studio 89 Records 001

Heavy disco and wave inspired rockers from Studio 89!

12inch Studio 89: S89001 remind

Unknown - No. 9997


No. 9997

Third issue by Stablo, limited as usual!

12inch Stablo: Stablo9997 remind

Unknown - No. 9999


No. 9999

Heavy first hitter from the Stablo label, that want to remain anonymous. Berlin producered old school injected house tracks that will do the track. Ch... more...

12inch Stablo: Stablo9999 remind

Unknown - Knowone Black Box


Knowone Black Box

Records are in mint, unplayed condition. Box is in as good as new condition. No marks or anything, this was new, stored and that's it. Only thing is t... more...

12x12inch Box Set Knowone: KOBB remind

Unknown - Frankfurt Sessions


Frankfurt Sessions

Two epic improvised slo-mo analog machine house jam sessions recorded in 2009, with hinds to old Chicago house. Absolutely amazing release on one of t... more...

12inch Sex Tags Mania: Mania021 remind

Unknown - No. 9998


No. 9998

Great effective house bangers on this mysterious berlin label called Stablo. First one was gone in a flash... dont sleep on this one... limited editio... more...

12inch Stablo: Stablo9998 remind

Unknown - People Of Earth/ Trouble In Space


People Of Earth/ Trouble In Space

We looked a bit sceptic when we saw this slightly dodgy looking red vinyl release... the more we were stunned when we played it!! Seriously good relea... more...

12inch Amp1OFF1: Amp1OFF1 remind

Unknown - Lezar #3


Lezar #3

Effective vinyl only dj tools on the French Lezar label. updated 90's house style!

12inch Lezar: Lezar003 remind

Unknown - Studio 89 Records 002


Studio 89 Records 002

Wave inspired tracks on this obscure Studio 89 label.

12inch Studio 89: S89002 remind




The more dedicated amongst you may have noticed a very limited run of purple labelled 12's doing the rounds earlier this year Bearing only the roman... more...

12inch MCM: MCMLXXXVII remind

Unknown - Knowone 018
12inch Knowone: Ko018 remind

Unknown - Dream Visions / Dream Version


Dream Visions / Dream Version

The Canadian one dollar coin, commonly called the loonie, is a gold-coloured one-dollar coin introduced in 1987. It bears images of a common loon, a b... more...

12inch Loonie Bin: Loon001 remind

Unknown - Knowone 016
12inch Knowone: KO016 remind

Unknown - Unknown



Stamped whitelabel coming from friends and extended family of the Young Turks camp. Vinyl only.

12inch Young Turks: YTWL135 remind

Unknown - Black Boxx EP -2


Black Boxx EP -2

The second to last Black Boxx EP serves up a heavy 808 dance floor crusher on the entire A side, flip the record over for 2 more heavy, and melodic tr... more...

12inch Ferris Park: FPR039 remind

Unknown - Unknown



A lost relic from the 80's Detroit underground. This ''demo'' recording is from a cassette found in a dusty box of donations left at a second hand sho... more...

7inch EST. 83': Est83-04 remind