Artist: Unknown - All

Unknown Artist - Ritual Malmo 02

Unknown Artist

Ritual Malmo 02

Throughout the ages man has been obsessed with the idea of the dead coming back to us, either through the power of faith, magic and/or science, or as... more...

12inch Ritual Malmo: RIMA02 € 9,99

Unknown Artists - MULEN 007

Unknown Artists


180 heavy black vinyl. Polylined innersleeve and amazing full color artwork.

12inch Mulen: MULENV007 remind

Unknown Artist - Crazy The Lord

Unknown Artist

Crazy The Lord

Outerzona 1305 is a continuous play cut 12 inch featuring four more underground gems Super-charged Gospel Funk, alongside wigged-out filtered House m... more...

12inch Outerzona: Ouza1305 remind

Unknown Artist - 303 EP

Unknown Artist

303 EP

Mysterious acidic black label release on the Planet Rhythm imprint, coming from the hands of an unknown artist...

12inch Planet Rhythm: PRRUK303 remind

Unknown Artist - Vibes LTD vol. 8

Unknown Artist

Vibes LTD vol. 8

Vol. 8 from the mysterious danish underground label Vibes ltd. Well known artists serving 4 deep cuts for your pleasure. The label is focussing on... more...

12inch Vibes Ltd: Vibesltd008 € 6,49

Unknown - NYC Loft Trax


NYC Loft Trax

Unreleased 1991 – 1995 NY house tracks that never got released before. According the distribution text produced by 2 welknown producers from the Big A... more...

12inch Nu groove: NYC101 remind

Unknown - Benga Benga


Benga Benga

*** 1 copy per customer *** Two tribute edits. Early 80s Russian drum machines running under some respectfully chopped up, scratchy West African winne... more...

12inch Porridge Bullet: PB005 remind

Unknown Artist - ODE

Unknown Artist


Proper deep house tracks with a nice warm vibe by artist unknown. Very limited supplies!

12inch Ode: ODE399 remind

Unknown - Unknown



A lost relic from the 80's Detroit underground. This ''demo'' recording is from a cassette found in a dusty box of donations left at a second hand sho... more...

7inch EST. 83': Est83-04 remind

Unknown Artist - Ode 0000FF

Unknown Artist

Ode 0000FF

Trippy deep techno tracks on this mysterious label. B-side is the stand out cut.

12inch Ode: ODE0000FF remind

Unknown Artist - Ode AA00FF

Unknown Artist

Ode AA00FF

Super nice Mysterious vinyl only label by well known artist (well known or Uknown??).

12inch Ode: ODEAA00FF remind

Unknown Artists - Time To Know Yourself

Unknown Artists

Time To Know Yourself

TheMostHigh is back with a limited skankin' Dub Reggae release.

10inch TheMostHigh: TheMostHigh005 € 11,99

Unknown Artist - Disco Duck

Unknown Artist

Disco Duck

Pretty obscure wee 7'' of 'Disco Ducks'. Comes with goofy double sided colour insert, housed in a PVC sleeve.

7inch Unknown: Duck remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Unknown Artist - Unbalance #7
12inch Unbalance: Unbalance007 remind

Unknown - Knowone LP 03


Knowone LP 03

4 tracks of deep dubby techno tracks on 180g white marbled vinyl

2LP Knowone: KOLP003 € 26,99

Unknown - Higher



100 limited copies, no repress and vinyl only. 90’s old school house groovin biz.

12inch Sound Of Vast: SOVX002 remind

Unknown - 313 / 212


313 / 212

2 amazingly warm and deep analog Detroit & Chicago tracks... Word on the street is these were produced in the late eighties and never released before.

12inch Emotions Electric: EE313/212 remind

Unknown Artist  - HerbStrong

Unknown Artist


One proper skankin reggaue dub. Limited supply.

7inch TheMostHigh: TheMostHigh004 € 10,99

Unknown Artist  - You Can F ck Off / So Can You

Unknown Artist

You Can F ck Off / So Can You

12'' Limited Hand Stamped White Label with some great Disco House music tracks.

12inch Unknown Label: Cat001 remind

Unknown Artists - Eazy Tek it Eazy / Word Sound And Power
10inch Ruffcut: Ruffcut004 € 9,99

Unknown - Edits, Reworks & Sounds


Edits, Reworks & Sounds

Anonymous project from the windy city... don't sleep.

12inch Boot: Boot01 remind

Unknown Artist - PG Goes Dance

Unknown Artist

PG Goes Dance

Extended remix versions of some of the best pop music ever made. Vocals, drama, dance rhythms and witty lyrics.

12inch Unknown: PGDance001 remind

Unknown - Ahiwo Ahiwo


Ahiwo Ahiwo

''My stepmother why you created me misery when I know that my mother is long dead. Let me live a normal life!''

12inch Porridge Bullet: PB010 remind

Unknown - Dream Visions / Dream Version


Dream Visions / Dream Version

The Canadian one dollar coin, commonly called the loonie, is a gold-coloured one-dollar coin introduced in 1987. It bears images of a common loon, a b... more...

12inch Loonie Bin: Loon001 remind

Unknown Artist - Truncatis

Unknown Artist


Having landed this diverse haul, let's take a look inside as we move from a completely overhauled Musicbox classic, flipped and re-pitched for 21st ce... more...

12inch Various UK Re-edits: Crumbs003 remind

Super UnKnown  - TH01

Super UnKnown


Tar Hallow is a new label based in Rotterdam, NL devoted in electronic music. First release on the label is from Super Unknown, producer Dimitris Dama... more...

12inch TH Tar Hallow: TH01 € 9,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Unknown Artist - Untitled

Unknown Artist


100 limited copies and vinyl only.

12inch Sound Of Vast: SOVX001 € 9,99

Unknown Artist - TheMostHigh

Unknown Artist


Hot reggae/dubstep skankin business. Limited edition single sided 10''.

10inch TheMostHigh: TheMostHigh001 € 10,49

Unknown Artist - SAD Edit 01

Unknown Artist

SAD Edit 01

Edit house tracks by unknown artist Florian Kupfer.

12inch SAD: SAD001 remind

Unknown Artist - Vibes LTD vol. 7

Unknown Artist

Vibes LTD vol. 7

warm deep, soulful, and sexy House music.

10inch Vibes Ltd: Vibesltd007 remind

Unknown - Unknown



Stamped whitelabel coming from friends and extended family of the Young Turks camp. Vinyl only.

12inch Young Turks: YTWL135 remind

Unknown Artist - Relax

Unknown Artist


Relax... Don't do it! Don't sleep.

12inch Relax: Relax remind

Unknown - Jack The Mack
12inch Unknown Chicago: Unknown Chicago remind

Unknown Artist - Le Borgne 9

Unknown Artist

Le Borgne 9

Breakbeat driven 90's rooted tracks on Le Borgne. Fresh vibes that go back to the early days without sounding retro or outdated.

12inch Le Borgne: Lbrgn08 remind

Unknown - Toolwaxx 2


Toolwaxx 2

4 Mystical techno tracks.

12inch Toolwaxx: Toolwaxx002 remind

Unknown - Knowone 016
12inch Knowone: KO016 remind

Unknown Artist - Lies Xmas 02
12inch LIES: LiesXMAS02 store only

Unknown - Skala



Warm house by new German label Skala Records.

12inch Skala Records: skala001 remind

Unknown - B-ball Joints


B-ball Joints

The oddly named ''B-Ball Joints'' make their group debut on DITN with four tracks spanning between dense machine driven beatless pulsations to industr... more...

12inch Dog In The Night: DIN004 € 7,99

Unknown Artist - Quick Response 1

Unknown Artist

Quick Response 1

New label with fun experimental techno tracks.

12inch Quick Response: QR001 remind