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Volga Select / Avril / Sir Alice - So Youg But So Cold sampler

Volga Select / Avril / Sir Alice

So Youg But So Cold sampler

Three distinctive remixes of excerpts from the forthcoming So Young But So Cold, a Volga Select lead celebration of the cornerstone era of French unde... more...

12inch Tigersushi: Tigersushi 013 remind

Vril - 1-4



Advanced forward going sometimes deeper dubby, sometimes more powerfull techno tracks with layers of sounds on the nice Giegling label!

12inch Giegling: Glgst001 remind

Vril - Flux



Deep, layered, gritty forward-thinking techno tracks as we can expect from Giegling/Staub artist Vril. 'Ztatdast' was co-produced by Zum Goldenen Schw... more...

12inch Semantica: Sem045 remind

Vril - 5-7



Vril comes with his second 12 on Giegling Staub delivering some gritty chord driven techno tracks.

12inch Giegling: Glgst004 remind

Vril - 8-10



*** 1 copy per customer *** This is the second last part of the series. There will only be one more next year..! Deep, gritty, foggy techno only Vril... more...

12inch Giegling: Glgst007 remind

Vril / Voiski / HVL / Zesknel - Bassiani 001

Vril / Voiski / HVL / Zesknel

Bassiani 001

Nightclub Bassiani launchs a record label Bassiani Records. The firs release BAS001 assembled tracks from Vril, Voiski and Georgian artists, Bassiani... more...

12inch Bassiani: Bas001 remind

VRIL - Omniverse



The entirety of space, time, matter, energy, the physical laws and the constants – Omniverse. Three original tracks from VRIL plus a remix by His Mas... more...

12inch Dystopian: Dystopian026 remind

Vril - Haus



Vril's debut EP on Giegling.

12inch Giegling: Glg023 remind

VRIL - Bad Manners 4


Bad Manners 4

Elevating dubbed out Techno album, comes in gatefold cover. more...

2LP Bad Manners: BM004 (82666) € 28,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Vril - Anima Mundi


Anima Mundi

Second album by Vril on Delsin Records. A deep excursion for mind and body, combining his trademark dub techno grooves with experimental ambient trips... more...

3LP Delsin: 132DSR € 25,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Vril - Vortekz



Vril is still a relatively little known artist but already he has some great accolades to his name: He has released a couple of great EPs on Giegling... more...

12inch Delsin: 103DSR € 9,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Vril - Portal



VRIL debuted on the Delsin-label with his excellent Vortekz EP early in 2014, which came after releases on his family-label Giegling and also Semantic... more...

2LP Delsin: 110DSR € 18,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L