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The Invariants - TI999

The Invariants


The next release on The Invariants contains three edits of tracks from the deep. The a side contains a Chicago leaning version of middle eastern eso... more...

12inch The Invariants: TI999 remind

Variant - Temple 1
12inch Temple: TMPL001 remind

Variant - Vortexual (Element Three)


Vortexual (Element Three)

Out of [element two] imparts [element three]. Re-synthesis, through this process, constitutes transitions into the deepest expanse of space. Sounds... more...

CD Echospace: Vortex-3 remind

Variant - Vortexual (Element Zero)


Vortexual (Element Zero)

The inception of the vortexual series, [element zero] hones in on the most primitive forms of synthesis, methodical minimalism. This is an omniscient... more...

CD Echospace: Vortex-0 remind

Variant - Vortexual (Element Four)


Vortexual (Element Four)

[element four] Finds itself drifting somewhere into the abstract, not quite ambient nor dub, instead, a unique divide of the two. For the mind, spirit... more...

CD Echospace: Vortex-4 remind

Covariant - Some More Equal Than Others (XXX Remix)


Some More Equal Than Others (XXX Remix)

Psychedelic drum work out that sounds like it was produced by the dark lord himself. Rolling distorted hats, snares and kicks tear your face off like... more...

12inch Poverty Is Violence: PIV004 remind

Variant - The Setting Sun


The Setting Sun

Steve Hitchell delivers a serious treat for his legion of devoted followers with the next logical step in the Echospace saga leading to this digital o... more...

CD Echospace: EchoAirCD02 € 14,99

The Invariants - TI001

The Invariants


The Invariants is a brand new label and production project from Amsterdam. The first release contains four tracks recorded in the fall of 2012. The ne... more...

12inch The Invariants: TI001 € 8,99

The Invariants - TI002

The Invariants


The next chapter in the main The Invariants series surfaces. On the A side two slightly more effective cuts with centripetal force. On the flipside it... more...

12inch The Invariants: TI002 € 8,99

Variant - Sequential Sleep [ver1.0]


Sequential Sleep [ver1.0]

Sequential Sleep is an ambient two-part CD release made for dreaming, a sonic travelogue set in multiple locations within a winter forest. Everything... more...

2xCD Echospace: EchoSEQCD1 € 29,99

The Invariants - TI998

The Invariants


New edits on The Invariants. On the a side an acid-not-acid techno trip, on the b side a 12 minute new age journey for the late hours.

12inch The Invariants: TI998 € 8,99

The Invariants - TI003

The Invariants


The Invariants are back with a new record in similar fashion. Synths to mess with the mind, hypnotising drums to stimulate the body. The A side featur... more...

12inch The Invariants: TI003 € 8,99

The Invariants - TI004

The Invariants


The Invariants is back with a fourth release on his self-titled imprint. After recent outings on the Dutch labels Delsin Records and Nous Klaer, the A... more...

12inch The Invariants: TI004 € 9,99