Artist: Varuna - All

Varuna - Sessile



Subaquatic modular vibes. Vibrant Colors, peaceful textures. The feeling of swimming underwater or standing on top of a mountain.

12inch Amenthia Records: Amen004 remind

Varuna - Cosmogram



Varuna with the second release on their own A Walking Contradiction label. Experimental down tempo grooves for adventurous rhythmic dj sets.

12inch A Walking Contradiction: AWC002 remind

Varuna - Metaporph



Basel-based group Varuna returns to amenthia recordings with their impressibe debut long player. Four sides full of deep and ethereal sound exploratio... more...

2x12inch Amenthia Records: Amen007 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Varuna - Mantis 04


Mantis 04

The latest installment in Delsin's deep-diving Mantis series comes from Varuna. As a core fixture in the Basel, Switzerland-based amenthia crew, this... more...

12inch Delsin: DSR/MTS04 remind

Varuna - Mangrove Management


Mangrove Management

Varuna returns to their homebase with a heavy double pack of sci-fi techno jams. Over the course of five tracks they explore a lively space in between... more...

12inch + 10inch A Walking Contradiction: AWC003 € 19,99

Varuna - Genesis



Varuna return to amenthia recordings with a fresh batch of their trademark hypno trips. Slow paced syncopated techno energy entangled in their iconic... more...

12inch Amenthia Recordings: Amen010 remind