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Violence FM - Ondulation ep (John Heckle remix)

Violence FM

Ondulation ep (John Heckle remix)

Proper early Detroit inspired organic techno tracks with an epic John Heckle remix. Tip.

12inch Stay Underground, It Pays: SUIT002 remind

Minimal Violence - Acid Lakes

Minimal Violence

Acid Lakes

With the big smoke hitting near 40°C heat and the office stock melting away, Lobster Theremin go in for a scorched-earth techno summer with another dr... more...

12inch Lobster Theremin: Lobster038 remind

Minimal Violence - MVX / U41A

Minimal Violence

MVX / U41A

Recorded in the Autumn of 2017 at their studio in Vancouver’s Deep Blue; “MVX / U41A” is the first new music from Minimal Violence to be released on N... more...

12inch Technicolour: TCLR029 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Minimal Violence - Night Gym

Minimal Violence

Night Gym

Impulsive and intuitive hardware house & techno from Vancouver duo minimal violence aka Ashlee Luk & Lida P. The five tracks on 'Night Gym' soundtrack... more...

12inch 1080P: 1080V014 € 10,99

Violence - Le Flux de la Nature


Le Flux de la Nature

Arcane electronic duo Violence, from Quebec, Canada, show their dark side on the four track 10-inch Le Flux de la Nature. Their underground spirit of... more...

10inch Electronic Emergencies: EE022rtm € 11,99