Artist: Zarkoff & Ikonal - All

Zarkoff & Ikonal - Toxicology

Zarkoff & Ikonal


Zarkoff returns to Gooiland Elektro This time not as FFFC but together with Ikonal, a partner in crime when it comes to producing spacey and trippy ac... more...

12inch Enfant Terrible Gooiland Elektro: Enfant047/Gooiland026 € 15,99

Zarkoff - Unhöerbar Collector Series - Red Edition 3/4


Unhöerbar Collector Series - Red Edition 3/4

3/4 from the new Collector Series! Deep emotional electro pop from Zarkoff, including a great remix from Sneak-Thief. Catch your artists.. Complete th... more...

CDr Unhoerbar: UHB003 remind

Zarkoff - Pioneers



Zarkoff (Sasa Rajkovic) is Croatian musician and sound engineer that has been busy making proper sound of dozens labels and doing his own music last t... more...

12inch Endless Illusion: ENDILL009 remind

Popsimonova & Zarkoff - Die Brucke

Popsimonova & Zarkoff

Die Brucke

Including L.A.S.'s Crime Remix. Double vinyl , cover handmade , paper cover slave, PVC transparent casing , vinyl insert 7''. Marbled orange vinyl. Id... more...

12inch + 7inch JAM Traxx: JAMspec003 remind

Neud Photo / Zarkoff - Dimensions

Neud Photo / Zarkoff


Complete reworking of a Neud Photo track by Croatia based Zarkoff, who retooled it in to a dynamic, punchy, deep synth pop track f/ vocals by melancho... more...

12inch Kraftjerkz: KJ014 € 13,99

Zarkoff / Honored Matres - Pannonia Noir

Zarkoff / Honored Matres

Pannonia Noir

Pannonia Noir is an all-Croatian affair: Zarkoff w/some sort of dark jack tracks & Honored Matres w/a style between Europian electro and minimal elect... more...

12inch Kraftjerkz: KJ017 remind