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Zebra Mono / Auralbino - Zona / Tangg Ant (Dj Sotofett & FIT mix)

Zebra Mono / Auralbino

Zona / Tangg Ant (Dj Sotofett & FIT mix)

Laton's new 12' series ON (this being ON_1) with Zebra Mono's 'Zona' on the A - a weirdly pad-based technoid track sounding as up to date as vintage -... more...

12inch Laton: Laton061 remind

Zebra - Simple Song


Simple Song

I released Zebra over 10 years ago on 12'' year ago when at Jazzman Records but deicded to do it on the original format with a brand new master as its... more...

7inch Athens Of The North: ATH047 € 12,99

Zebra Katz / Teeth / French Fries - Sex Sellz / Module

Zebra Katz / Teeth / French Fries

Sex Sellz / Module

The A-side, Brooklyn-based Zebra Katz's Sex Sellz, is the first vinyl release by the blog-hyped rapper, equipped with a label head Teeth's 150bpm remi... more...

12inch Signal Life: Sgnllf004 remind

J. Mono - Zzz

J. Mono


On its third vinyl release Dalmata Daniel presents five originals of J.Mono with an additional remix made by DJ Overdose. Hailing from East-Central Hu... more...

12inch Dalmata Daniel: DD003 remind

Ray Mono - Blowback EP

Ray Mono

Blowback EP

Title track ‘Blowback’ showcases a deep and immersive journey as deep, rolling grooves effortlessly meet snaking acid lines, hazy synths and skipping... more...

12inch Locus: LCS005 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Ray Mono - Identity Crisis

Ray Mono

Identity Crisis

For our 12th release we turn to local friend and rising star on the underground scene, Ray Mono. With a string of recent releases catching the ears of... more...

12inch Pathway Traxx: PT12 remind

J.Mono - Misted



After a couple of releases from Wedding Acid Group on Undersound, USR is happy to welcome J. Mono, one of their founding members. While certain traits... more...

12inch Undersound: USR018 € 13,99

J. Mono - Redate I & II

J. Mono

Redate I & II

Everyone's favorite synth acid genius, J. Mono from Lajosmizse is back on Dalmata Daniel with the double album Redate I & II tape release, an emotiona... more...

Cassette Tape + MP3 Dalmata Daniel: DDCS01 € 13,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Mono Band - Ghost Town

Mono Band

Ghost Town

Dark Entries Editions is proud to reissue “Ghost Town” the 1984 debut 12” single by Mono Band from Italy. The project was conceived by producer Rene... more...

12inch Dark Entries: DE203 € 13,99

Mono Junk - Halo

Mono Junk


aw minimal techno specialist Mono Junk is back with a selection of new material on his own DUM Records. Having pioneered key techno sounds as far back... more...

12inch DUM: DUM038 € 10,99

Toni Mono - EP (25th Anniversary Edition)

Toni Mono

EP (25th Anniversary Edition)

With his deep musical education, Daniel Varga produced under many pseudonyms (Soda), (Borneo und Sporenburg), (Cybordelics) formed in Stuttgart in 199... more...

12inch F communications: 267WO25133 € 15,49

Blame The Mono - Dubious Scars EP

Blame The Mono

Dubious Scars EP

Taapion is proud to present Blame The Mono's ''Dubious Scars''. This vocal-heavy EP expands on its techno skeleton towards many other genres, explorin... more...

12inch Taapion Records: TPN016 remind

Mono Band - Ghost Town
12inch ZYX Music: ZYX1042-12 € 17,99

Mono Band - Mr. Crusoe

Mono Band

Mr. Crusoe

Positive, melodic song which makes you smile and dance. Not easy to find for a decent price as the original pressing, but now available as affordable... more...

12inch ID Limited: IDL046 € 22,99

Mono Junk - Channel B

Mono Junk

Channel B

A one sided release with a deep, haunting Basic Channel style production by Kim Rapatti (Monojunk) from his Trope period (the german label). This is a... more...

12inch Styrax Leaves: STRXL010 remind

Mono-Enzyme 307 - Adventure in Cyrosleep

Mono-Enzyme 307

Adventure in Cyrosleep

Mono-Enzyme 307 debuts on the main Natural Sciences label with 'Adventures in Cryosleep'; a record of corrosive space sludge dipping between deep acid... more...

12inch Natural Sciences: Natural005 remind

Mono-Poly - Atlantic Storm


Atlantic Storm

Monopoly's second album after releasing the ZOND3 CD on the Japanese Doppelganger records in 2008 Think of the great rural ambient sounds of Brian Eno... more...

CDr Strange Life Records: SLR031 remind

Mono Junk - Jor 2 EP

Mono Junk

Jor 2 EP

Limited to 140 copies crystal clear vinyl edition. Weird dark and beautiful electronic wave songs with strange vocals by Kimmo Rapatti. Various styles... more...

12inch Stilleben: Stilleben036 remind

Mono Village - Fixation ep

Mono Village

Fixation ep

Hotmix presents Mono Village, the new acronim of Stereociti from Japan. Three amazing tracks of obscure deep house music!

12inch Hotmix Records: HM009 remind

Mono Junk - Skudge White 06

Mono Junk

Skudge White 06

Exploratory synth and acid tracks from this veteran Scandinavian machine tweaker.

12inch Skudge: SkudgeW06 remind

Mono Junk  - Shotokai (stereo)

Mono Junk

Shotokai (stereo)

Exciting trippy and fresh techno and electro tracks by Mono Junk. Especially the ultra cool ''With You'' is worth mentioning!

12inch Forbidden Planet: FP004 remind

Mono Poly - Golden Skies

Mono Poly

Golden Skies

Charles Dickerson aka Mono/Poly releases his debut album on Flying Lotus' Brainfeeder imprint. After several collaborations with Thundercat and the Hi... more...

LP + Download Brainfeeder: BF046 € 19,99

Mono Junk - Skudge White 010S

Mono Junk

Skudge White 010S

Cool new material from from Kimmo Rapatti. 'Little Elephant' was previous released on a various compilation CD on kim’s own DUM records in 1995.

12inch Skudge: SkudgeW10 remind

Mono Junk - State of Funk ep

Mono Junk

State of Funk ep

Mono Junk delivers four pieces of pure Finnish melancholia for Rat Life's 7th release. This guy is a true European techno originator and like no one h... more...

12inch Rat Life: Rat07 remind

Mono Junk / Kim Rapatti - A-Sides

Mono Junk / Kim Rapatti


After releasing brand new material on DUM034, DUM Records are dipping into the label boss’s production archives for the next one: it is a reissue that... more...

12inch DUM: DUM035 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Mono Junk vs Freestyle Man - Pata EP

Mono Junk vs Freestyle Man

Pata EP

Finnish techno icon Mono Junk aka Kim Rapatti joins forces with Berlin based Freestyle Man aka Klas Sasse Lindblad, known for his productions on class... more...

12inch DUM: DUM039 remind

Mono Junk / Melody Boy 2000 - Channel B / Monotone Fantastique

Mono Junk / Melody Boy 2000

Channel B / Monotone Fantastique

After one new EP from Coopers Kim Rapatti’s Dum Records is re-releasing some of his biggest classics on this douple A-side release. Mono Junk’s Channe... more...

12inch DUM: DUM032 remind

Melody Boy 2000 / Mono Junk - B-Sides

Melody Boy 2000 / Mono Junk


Finish techno pioneer and DUM records boss Kimmo Rapatti aka Mono Junk and Melody Boy 2000 is back with another fine EP of some of his greatest tracks... more...

12inch DUM: DUM036 remind