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11-05-2020 - monday

Healing Force Project - Sideral Escape

Healing Force Project

Sideral Escape

Since nearly a decade now, Italian born artist Antonio Marini is going through a sonic adventure known as Healing Force Project. Discreetly building u... more...

Mini-LP Amenthia Records: Amen008 € 17,99

18-03-2019 - monday

Agonis - Remixed



Don Williams, Marco Shuttle & Valentino Mora remixing Agonis on a white record in a PVC sleeve with a hand printed silkscreen artwork.

12inch Amenthia Records: Ramen001 remind

21-12-2017 - thursday

21-07-2017 - friday

Varuna - Sessile



Subaquatic modular vibes. Vibrant Colors, peaceful textures. The feeling of swimming underwater or standing on top of a mountain.

12inch Amenthia Records: Amen004 remind

23-11-2016 - wednesday

Agonis - Visionquest



Amenthia 003 with Agonis still going strong. 180 grams of vinyl and a full cover sleeve.

12inch Amenthia Records: Amen003 € 9,99

04-12-2015 - friday

Agonis - Panspermia



New label with some fine techno tracks coming from the Giegling umwelt. Rooted in the Detroit techno traditions this first release delivers some stron... more...

12inch Amenthia Records: Amen001 remind

Varuna - Metaporph



Basel-based group Varuna returns to amenthia recordings with their impressibe debut long player. Four sides full of deep and ethereal sound exploratio... more...

2x12inch Amenthia Records: Amen007 remind
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