Label: Analogical Force - All

16-10-2023 - monday



Nantes-based Tom Ferreira (Fasme) joins AF with his first and highly anticipated album titled 'Bloom'. Well known in underground circles for an impres... more...

2LP Analogical Force: AF051LP remind

04-09-2023 - monday


Wetware EP

Turkish Dogukan Acar (Fluctuosa) debuts on Analogical Force with the 4-track EP called 'Wetware', a straight winner for fans of braindance and improv... more...

12inch Analogical Force: AF050 € 13,99

Unknown Artist

Unseen Series III

Fierce tracks that cross the bridge between electro and Uk Bass genres. This is the Third chapter in the Unseen Series. As the concept dictates... Ano... more...

EP Analogical Force: AFUS03 € 13,99

22-05-2023 - monday


Ingenieur du Son

Blending elements of twisted electro with the refreshing sound of early 90's rave culture and IDM on the highly anticipated debut album from Breton ar... more...

2LP Analogical Force: AF049LP € 28,99

17-04-2023 - monday


Dark Frontier EP

MOY delivers his melodic mystique electro/IDM tunes to Analogical Force!! Four cuts that walk the line between adventurous electro and playful IDM. '... more...

12inch Analogical Force: AF048 € 13,99

06-03-2023 - monday

Son Zept

New Ireland Chrome EP

Son Zept - "Northern Ireland's resident electronic compositional polymath" (The Quietus) - debuts on Analogical Force with a 5 track EP. "New Ireland... more...

EP Analogical Force: AF047 € 13,49

06-02-2023 - monday


Thaw EP

Canada's foremost robot returns to his higher bpm electro-form with "Thaw EP". Four analog heavy tracks of melancholic system-100 and 808 workouts com... more...

EP Analogical Force: AF046 € 13,99

16-01-2023 - monday


Portus EP

dgoHn reappears in AF with this 4-tracker EP called "Portus", a dreamy exercise in fast/slow rhythms, atmospheric drumfunk, IDM and experimental elect... more...

12inch Analogical Force: AF045 € 12,49

14-11-2022 - monday

James Shinra

Surface EP

Fierce rolling tracks with emotive strings and fresh beats on this new James Shinra ep! All previous releases from James have been some of the highlig... more...

12inch Analogical Force: AF044 remind

18-07-2022 - monday


61 Cygni

+++ Braindance Alert +++ RTR delivering an energetic and diverse album full of infectious acid and breakbeat injected tunes. Flirting with Squarepush... more...

2LP Analogical Force: AF043LP € 23,99

30-05-2022 - monday

Roel Funcken

Hexavalent EP

One of the Dutch pioneers of advanced modern electronic, Roel Funcken returns with this Hexavalent EP. A fierce selection of 5 tracks ranging from ele... more...

12inch Analogical Force: AF042 € 11,99

21-03-2022 - monday


Chaos Swallower EP

Hello World, Wheel of fate forced me to lose a tiny life before I understood its meanings. Thus I needed to be a chaos swallower for the unnamed. Dam... more...

12inch Analogical Force: AF041 € 12,49

10-01-2022 - monday


Blue Ridge

Fresh modern electronix by Brooklyn-based Patricia aka Max Ravitz, who presents his first album for Analogical Force. "Blue Ridge" puts on display Rav... more...

2LP Analogical Force: AF040LP € 25,99

04-10-2021 - monday


Balance EP

Promising/Youngstar debuts on AF with a release that hits every corner. Four stellar tracks that dabble in familiar styles without a single concern fo... more...

12inch Analogical Force: AF039 € 12,49

23-08-2021 - monday

Unknown Artist

Unseen Series II

Second chapter in the Unseen Series, golden stuff. Killer release by this unknown artist. Limited supplies... dont sleep. more...

12inch Analogical Force: AFUS02 € 11,99

05-07-2021 - monday



Mike Paradinas first album of new material since 2013, written in some rare downtime in the Gower (Wales) during the summer 2020 lockdown. There's a s... more...

2LP Analogical Force: AF038LP € 23,99

19-04-2021 - monday


Eigengrau EP

*** Braindance Alert *** Welcome back 4rd. Instant classic. more...

Mini-LP Analogical Force: AF037 € 11,49

29-03-2021 - monday

Velum Break

Cloaca EP

Birmingham based Velum Break lumbers on to Analogical Force with his debut EP; his glistening Cloaca. Dripping with infectious warpings, rhythmic en... more...

12inch Analogical Force: AF036 € 11,49

15-02-2021 - monday

Bit Folder

Nogbad the Bad EP

Mike Golding marks his first appearance on Analogical Force with an EP full of emotive and acidic electronics. A dreamy journey towards fragility and... more...

12inch Analogical Force: AF035 € 11,99

25-01-2021 - monday

Unknown Artist

Unseen Series I

Unseen Series: something pretty special, unsigned, just for pleasure.

12inch Analogical Force: AFUS01 remind

11-01-2021 - monday



BRAINDANCE A-L-E-R-T! If there is any truth in the world its in Symmetriades. New album from RTR. We can tell u again, but you already know. Enough ta... more...

2LP Analogical Force: AF034LP € 23,99

02-11-2020 - monday


Tweaking Paper EP

D'Arcangelo launched the AF catalog five years ago. It was not accidental. We cannot say that they return, because they never left. more...

12inch Analogical Force: AF033 remind

05-10-2020 - monday


Monega EP

John Cunnane joins AF taking the drum-science to a higher level with four hybrid cuts of jungle / IDM.

12inch Analogical Force: AF032 remind

03-08-2020 - monday


Drill'n'Voiron EP

Voiron debuts on Analogical Force with 'Drill'n'Voiron EP'. 5x Tracks where the 'fake Parisian' continues to blur the lines between genres through his... more...

12inch Analogical Force: AF031 remind

29-06-2020 - monday

3x12inch Analogical Force: AF030LP € 32,99