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Quadratschulz - Ring The Bell (Posthuman, Gez Varley and Fah Remixes)


Ring The Bell (Posthuman, Gez Varley and Fah Remixes)

Bleep. Easily one of the most influential sounds to grow out of the burgeoning electronics scene of the late 80s. Nowadays, easily one of the most ove... more...

12inch Shipwrec: SHPRMX2 remind

Quadratschulz - Dynamic Linker


Dynamic Linker

The debut of Hamburg-based Quadratschulz on Clone Dub Recordings. A mini album with tracks ranging from a poppy version of Rephlex style braindance to... more...

Mini-LP Dub Recordings: Dub043 € 11,49

Quadratschulz - Delayed Sleep-Phase Syndrome EP


Delayed Sleep-Phase Syndrome EP

A thread of electro runs further throughout the Zeitnot series on ZEIT006, Quadratschulz’s vibrant and playful melodies dance back and forth across 4... more...

12inch Zeitnot: ZEIT006 remind

Quadratschulz - La Boum


La Boum

Quadratschulz is famed for his unmistakable blend of smooth electro grooves and playful melodies. It is this combination that the German synthman brin... more...

12inch Bordello A Parigi: BAP123 € 11,99

Quadratschulz - WW303



Quadratschulz delivers his debut album ''WW303''. Ten tracks make up this vision, a vision of lazers, pulsing neon and gleaming chrome. Arcade game me... more...

2LP + Download Shipwrec: ShipLP06 € 19,99

quadratschulz - One Week EP
12inch Altered Sense: AS010 € 11,99