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11-02-2021 - thursday

June - Horizons



Following up to his studio companion Trenton Chase’s latest LP ‘Planar Array’ released earlier in 2020, half of Manie Sans Délire June turns up on Art... more...

Mini-LP Artificial Dance: AD012 remind

12-11-2020 - thursday

Stephen Huss - Galaxy

Stephen Huss


To honor Stephen and his impressive career as musician with Psyche (together with brother Darrin Huss) and as a solo artist, Artificial Dance decided... more...

LP Artificial Dance: AD011 € 20,99

28-05-2020 - thursday

Interstellar Funk & Robert Valera - Devils Juice

Interstellar Funk & Robert Valera

Devils Juice

Interstellar Funk & Robert Valera roll out a wealth of EBM, darkwave and acid leaning electronics in a new instalment for Olf van Elden’s (Interstella... more...

12inch Artificial Dance: AD010 remind

31-01-2020 - friday

Trenton Chase - Planar Array

Trenton Chase

Planar Array

Following his debut LP in June 2017, Trenton Chase returns with “Planar Array”, a 7 track LP on Artificial Dance. As half of Manie Sans Délire and the... more...

12inch Artificial Dance: AD009 € 16,49
Also available @ D\G\T\L

02-12-2019 - monday

Sebastian Melmoth - The Dynamics Of Vanity

Sebastian Melmoth

The Dynamics Of Vanity

Since forming in 2006 post-punk experimentalists Sebastian Melmoth have been on a thoughtful and adventurous musical journey. In a constant state of a... more...

LP Artificial Dance: AD008 € 12,99

28-06-2019 - friday

Hypnobeat - Forbidden Plant


Forbidden Plant

Spearheaded by James Dean Brown (also known from Perlon’s Narcotic Syntax) and Victor Sol, and featuring other rotating members, Hypnobeat is a true p... more...

12inch Artificial Dance: AD005 remind

12-04-2019 - friday

Opposing Currents - Mirage Information

Opposing Currents

Mirage Information

ason Letkiewicz has always swum against the musical tides, flitting between different solo pseudonyms (including Steve Summers, Death Commando and Ala... more...

LP Artificial Dance: AD007 € 15,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

20-11-2018 - tuesday

Stallion's Stud - Stllnsstd

Stallion's Stud


Earlier in the year, Red Light Radio co-founder Hugo van Hejiningen and Identified Patient joined forces to debut their new musical project, Stallion’... more...

12inch Artificial Dance: AD006 remind

20-09-2018 - thursday

King Ende - Ende Shneafliet

King Ende

Ende Shneafliet

Having previously released some rare solo material from Ende Shneafliet member Hanjo Erkamp AKA Dr. C. Stein, Artificial Dance is now serving up somet... more...

LP Artificial Dance: AD004 € 9,99

19-06-2018 - tuesday

Pasiphae - Siphax EP


Siphax EP

To kick-start Artificial Dance’s 2018 release programme, the label has once again delved deep into the darkest corners of the Dutch electronic undergr... more...

Mini-LP Artificial Dance: AD003 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

08-02-2018 - thursday

Dr. C. Stein - La Bombe Plastique

Dr. C. Stein

La Bombe Plastique

Having debuted with a fine EP by Job Sifre inspired by experimental electronic music of the 1980s, Artificial Dance has returned to the source for rel... more...

12inch Artificial Dance: AD002 remind

26-10-2017 - thursday

Job Sifre - Worries

Job Sifre


Artificial Dance is a new record label from Amsterdam curated by Interstellar Funk. This is the imprint’s and artist's debut release! more...

12inch Artificial Dance: AD001 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L