Label: Batrachian - All

21-09-2021 - tuesday

MOY - Harmony Of The Spheres EP


Harmony Of The Spheres EP

Contact Calum at [email protected] for orders and enquiries. MOY returns to RITUAL POISON skating effortlessly accross breakbe... more...

12inch Batrachian: BTR004 remind

17-02-2020 - monday

MOY - Error 502


Error 502

Upcoming London producer Moy’s debut release for Ritual Poison sibling label Batrachian heads deep into the murky inter zone where electro, braindance... more...

12inch Batrachian: BTR003 remind

07-02-2019 - thursday

BufoBufo - Metamorphosis EP


Metamorphosis EP

After his recent appearance on Tone Dropout ‘Volume 6’, Ritual Poison co-founder BufoBufo steps up on its sibling label, Batrachian, with a four-track... more...

12inch Batrachian: BTR002 remind

19-10-2018 - friday

Escape Earth - Bleep Inside

Escape Earth

Bleep Inside

Hot on the heels of their last well-received release, Escape Earth follow up with some mad techno/electro collisions and sunlit rave excursions on the... more...

12inch Batrachian: BTR001 remind