Harmony Of The Spheres EP

MOY - Harmony Of The Spheres EP

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MOY returns to RITUAL POISON skating effortlessly accross breakbeats to electro for an alluring EP of melodic explorations > >


MOY - Harmony Of The Spheres EP [Batrachian]
Cat No: BTR004
Format: 12'' EP
Genre: Breakbeat, Electro, Braindance
Release Date: August 2021
Price: £6.00

MOY returns to Ritual Poison sibling label Batrachian with four galactic tracks, exploring different sides of his sound. Following an acclaimed debut album on Altered Sense, EPs for AC Records and Exalt, and a star appearance on We’re Going Deep, ‘Harmony Of The Spheres’ moves between tempos and genres, maintaining that key melodic sensibility. ‘Nautilus’ is a rolling breakbeat piece with a mystic dub synth riff, while ‘World Grid’ is electro with a bassline that wriggles all over the shop and astral keys. The epic ‘Vector Space’ will get under your skin with its looming bass and stratospheric vibe, while ‘Cyber Weapon’ kicks it up to jungle bpm, crashing Amen breaks colliding with trippy strings and warping bass. All add up to another exceptional MOY release.

12inch Batrachian: BTR004 remind