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05-08-2019 - monday

Belenou - Emosyon Tambou-a


Emosyon Tambou-a

Minimalist and spiritual, a true rural ancestral art from Martinique, the Bèlè combines dance and music from responsorial monodies, on codified drum r... more...

LP Beaumonde: BM1806 € 29,99

Surprise - Beleive Me


Beleive Me

In Gabon, 1983, Frédéric Gassita decided to form the band ''Surprise'' with his longtime friend Jean-Jean Gateau, having a strong inspiration from the... more...

LP Beaumonde: BM1807 € 29,99

15-05-2019 - wednesday

Captain Creole - Ni Bel Jounin

Captain Creole

Ni Bel Jounin

1979. The suburbs of Paris. Five friends, whose origins stem from the West Indies and North Africa, came together to form Trenchtown Meditation, a “cr... more...

12inch Beaumonde: BM1804 € 16,99

Fabriano Fuzion - Cosmik Sindika

Fabriano Fuzion

Cosmik Sindika

Since childhood Serge Fabriano bathed in music, to-ing and fro-ing between his native Guadeloupe and Paris where he grew up. He attended the music con... more...

LP Beaumonde: BM1805 € 27,99

20-09-2018 - thursday

Dick Dickson - In The Pocket

Dick Dickson

In The Pocket

He was clearly aiming for the US funk sound in fashion at the time when he recorded In The Pocket in 1986.The session took place in Togo and had band... more...

12inch Beaumonde: BM1702 remind