Beleive Me

Surprise - Beleive Me

In Gabon, 1983, Frédéric Gassita decided to form the band ''Surprise'' with his longtime friend Jean-Jean Gateau, having a strong inspiration from the US funk that invaded the radio waves of Gabon: Earth, Wind & Fire, the Commodores, Maze by Frankie Beverly .... The Guitarist Célestin Assélé Bongo joined the band and provided them the necessary means to record an album. Florence Nang Ekomye, a talented self-taught jazz singer, is immediately recruited, being the voice of Surprise. Recorded in 1985, benefiting from the unique recording conditions of Studio N'Koussou in Libreville: probably one of the handful studios in the planet to use a Digital 48 Tracks recorder at the time; The result is a sensational production, the use of synthesizers is slamming and the charm of Florence’s voice make the recording quite unique.

LP Beaumonde: BM1807 € 29,99