Label: Born Free - All

12-06-2018 - tuesday

Odopt - Born Free 33


Born Free 33

The Moscow duo is back with an other dose of hunted industrial techno punches. From a navy fit republic of love!

12inch Born Free: BF33 € 10,99

29-05-2018 - tuesday

DJ City - Teenage Sex Drive

DJ City

Teenage Sex Drive

From deep inside of Berlin’s 24/7 darkrooms, here comes DJ City’s debut maxi single.

12inch Born Free: BF032 remind

05-01-2018 - friday

Samo DJ - Born Free 31

Samo DJ

Born Free 31

Three long lost gems found deep down in Samo's bomb shelter. Fresh oldschool-not-oldschool music for days and nights, nights and days!

12inch Born Free: BF031 remind

13-12-2017 - wednesday

Louis Guilliaume - Born Free 29

Louis Guilliaume

Born Free 29

Louis Guilliaume Rotterdam-techno explorer on Born Free with a three tracker. Electronic funk made with his best friend, Akai.

12inch Born Free: BF029 € 10,49

07-11-2017 - tuesday

DJ Sling - The Secret EP

DJ Sling

The Secret EP

After 11 years of production and releasing of records, here comes DJ Sling's first solo release. All tracks made in a manic foggy darkness during the... more...

12inch Born Free: BF030 € 10,49

21-09-2017 - thursday

Samo DJ & Baba Stiltz - Kling Party

Samo DJ & Baba Stiltz

Kling Party

Two late summer tracks from Baba & Samo mixed and dubbed at the Hidden Operator’s HQ!

12inch Born Free: BF028 € 9,99

28-07-2017 - friday

Pedrodollar - Born Free 27


Born Free 27

Pedrodollar formerly known as Petter hands in his first solo-single since his Border Community release 'Some Polyphony' from 2006. This Maxi Single fe... more...

12inch Born Free: BF027 remind

13-07-2017 - thursday

Sexazoid - Eutape



Sexazoid keep using his pheromones to triggers social response in members of his species. So follow the dog walker in to the metal chamber now drippin... more...

Cassette Tape Born Free: BF026 € 9,99

17-05-2017 - wednesday

Empfanger - Resan Till Plutonia


Resan Till Plutonia

Empfänger stay in the sewers like TMNT. Back with four tracks of their crackbrained EBM-disco.

12inch Born Free: BF025 € 9,49

28-12-2016 - wednesday

Various Artists - Born Free 024

Various Artists

Born Free 024

A ´keep it loose´ kind of EP with six tracks. Various Styles and smiles featuring. DJ Pedrodollar, Sling, Baba Stiltz, Sleep D, Samo DJ & Tzu Sing. more...

12inch Born Free: BF024 remind

19-10-2016 - wednesday

Odopt - Born Free 023


Born Free 023

Dark late night groovers by the Odopt bad boys, straight out the kitchen of Bar Simachev. ''Horrungruang'' is simply a killer track.

12inch Born Free: BF023 remind

15-06-2016 - wednesday

Powder - Born Free 22


Born Free 22

Powder following up her doubt release with more of that far out and far eastern electronics!

12inch Born Free: BF022 € 9,49

02-06-2016 - thursday

Sexazoid - Born Free 20


Born Free 20

Sexazoid, a name that we’ve seen in writing on the streets of Stockholm now finds its way to the world of music, with synthetic sounds from a metal ch... more...

12inch Born Free: BF021 € 9,49

02-03-2016 - wednesday

Assar & Four Legs - Born Free 20

Assar & Four Legs

Born Free 20

Stellar debut from 22 year old Stockholm loner Assar Jansson with the mesmerizing house track ''Pant''. Remix duties are handled by Samo DJ and Elias... more...

12inch Born Free: BF020 remind

17-02-2016 - wednesday

Special Occasion & Maxxxbass - Big Town

Special Occasion & Maxxxbass

Big Town

Special Occasion are David C. Gray and Enchante. Together they make music for the early lonely mornings between the sheets. On the b-side you find the... more...

LP Born Free: BF019 remind

14-10-2015 - wednesday

Empfanger - Lost Track


Lost Track

From a dark and depressing country in the northern hemisphere called Sweden, comes this duo consists of towLie & Sling. Here with another slab of deme... more...

12inch Born Free: BF018 remind

09-07-2015 - thursday

Scott Young - Commix

Scott Young


Debut single for this hi-tech low-life straight from the slums of Hong Kong. The music of Scott Young is much like the city itself, intense and claus... more...

12inch Born Free: BF017 remind

02-07-2015 - thursday

Powder - Spray



Debut EP for this young Cos/Mes relative. Every night before sleep she spends time hammering tracks alone in the dark. Far out and far eastern electro... more...

12inch Born Free: BF016 remind

10-12-2014 - wednesday

Yourhighness - Death Before Surrender


Death Before Surrender

Demented house/techno on thea-side, and an EBM-style techno banger on the B-side by Yourhighness (Romb).

12inch Born Free: BF013 remind

27-11-2014 - thursday

Mighty Thor - Tralfamadore (Florian Kupfer remix)

Mighty Thor

Tralfamadore (Florian Kupfer remix)

Uptempo Sci-Fi techno from Mighty Thor (Drumcode) & a droning remix from Florian Kupfer (L.I.E.S.).

12inch Born Free: BF012 remind

12-09-2014 - friday

Empfanger - Born Free 10


Born Free 10

Classy and unambiguous EBM inspired Techno from Empfänger with a big remix from AN-I (Lee Douglas) hot on the heels of his Cititrax 12''.

12inch Born Free: BF010 € 13,99

20-01-2014 - monday

Various Artists - Born Free 1

Various Artists

Born Free 1

Axel Boman with a cool Thriller cover version, Jaako Eino Kalevi with a lovely fragile tune, Sling & Samu doing the heavy drum break driven disco side... more...

12inch Born Free: Born001 remind

Enchante - NT



London's Enchante with a nice release! Funk driven two step-ish , advanced house tracks, including a killer Willie Burns remix. Tip!!

12inch Born Free: Born008 remind

23-03-2012 - friday

Jaakko Eino Kalevi - Chamber Of Love EP

Jaakko Eino Kalevi

Chamber Of Love EP

Cool 5 track ep by Jaakko Eino Kalevi with 2 remixes by Slin & Samo. Freestyle electro pop tracks that remind of some fello finnih artists such as Op:... more...

12inch Born Free: Born002 remind