Artist: Powder - All

Powder - Spray



Debut EP for this young Cos/Mes relative. Every night before sleep she spends time hammering tracks alone in the dark. Far out and far eastern electro... more...

12inch Born Free: BF016 remind

Powder - Highly



Sweet release with some gentle melancholic tracks that stay away from the stereotype dogmas. Especially B1 is super nice, but not a bad track on this.... more...

12inch ESP institute: ESP029 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Powder - Born Free 22


Born Free 22

Powder following up her doubt release with more of that far out and far eastern electronics!

12inch Born Free: BF022 remind

Cloudface / Powder - Dogen-zaka MIX / 88QQ99II11

Cloudface / Powder

Dogen-zaka MIX / 88QQ99II11

Two times 45 minutes of original music by Cloudface and Powder. All recorded in Tokyo, Japan in early 2016. Brought to you on a C90 cream colored cass... more...

Cassette Tape Wichelroede: W-T03 remind