Label: Clone X - All

Marco Bernardi

Mystery Of Nazerus (2562 remix)

Here an unexpected bonus 12'' to the Clone 56. With an exciting remix by man of the moment 2562! He delivers a mix full of heavy sub basslines that ma... more...

12inch Clone X: Cx031 € 7,99

Alton Miller

Inner8 (gerd/ DXR remix)

Alton Miller's unreleased Inner8 track gets a dirty acidic house make over by Gerd. On the flip side mr Dexter gives the track a DXR treatment and he... more...

12inch Clone X: Cx029 remind

Paul du Lac

Kira / Bingo

Repress! Stripped, raw, deep & rocking tech/house by Paul du Lac. It's back to basics with this perfect dj tool. Limited!

12inch Clone X: Cx30 remind


Munich Emotions

Limited one sider by Elitechnique with an amazing 9 minute disco burner! The guys have being going all crazy in their studio with trumpets, guitars, c... more...

One sided 12 Clone X: Cx028 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L


Mirror Men

Great follow up on the Finger food ep. On the A side a smooth grooving disco affair they are known for. Working the floor with some great melodic disc... more...

12inch Clone X: Cx027 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Legowelt & Orgue Electronique

Dx Days / On A String

Legowelt comes with an amazing disco/chicago/detroit hybride track (DX Days) that is totally one of those tracks we are waiting for!! A masculine bass... more...

12inch Clone X: Cx026 remind


Fingerfood ep (Major Swellings remix)

A perfect NY disco affair from the Elitechnique guys. Nice late 70's percussion driven disco track played with real instruments. Comes with a re-mix/e... more...

12inch Clone X: Cx025 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Jupiter Black

We Like Moroder (Divider & Starcluster remixes)

Great remix of the Jupiter Black - We Like Moroder release. Two remixes by Divider and Starcluster (actually the same guys... who delivered two of the... more...

12inch Clone X: Cx024 remind

The Hasbeens

Make The World Go Away

Limited 250 copies one-sided Clone X by The Hasbeens (The Hague meets Rotterdam kind of collaboration). The Hasbeens say: Trying is the first step tow... more...

One sided 12 Clone X: Cx023 remind


Twentyfive 6 Four (Putsch '79 remix)

Applegarden is a duo from Rotterdam making a weird kind of electronic funk. We had these tracks lying around in the office for at least 2 years...and... more...

12inch Clone X: Cx022 € 7,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L


Highlights (Charles Webster remix)

Another new project from Gerd who is probably one of the most underrated producers in the dance scene. Delgui is the new artist name he uses for his c... more...

12inch Clone X: Cx021 € 7,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L


P.O.M. (Heinrich Mueller / Duplex remixes)

Heinrich Mueller remixed two tracks of the forthcoming Duplex album (''Late Night Driving'') in his very special way and is (as usual) a few steps ahe... more...

12inch Clone X: Cx020 remind

Seymour Bits Presents De Jeugd Van Tegenwoordig

Watskeburt (instrumentals)

Well this is a strange release for Clone... (and therefore on the Clone-X test series). Actually this is a real number one hit in the Dutch top 40!! A... more...

12inch Clone X: Cx019 remind


Car Demolition (Promo)

Very first Pametex release. Limited edition white label test pressing of 100 copies! Contains extra tracks which haven't been on the official release.

12inch Clone X: Cx002 remind

Unit 4

Bodydub RMXS

3 new versions of this epic track on the limited Clone X series: Tiefschwarz drops a peak time version, Freak Electrique brings a off-key acid version... more...

12inch Clone X: Cx018 remind

Der Zyklus

Biometric ID

Limited pre release for the Der Zyklus - Biometry album on Clone/Dub.. Clone X limited test pressing.. Pure experimentations from the Dataphysix labor... more...

12inch Clone X: Cx017 remind

Amplified Orchestra vs Dexter


2 Track electroish house P-funk madness from Amplified Orchestra (4lux) featuring a Dexter remix on the flip + the instrumental. (Clone x limited test... more...

12inch Clone X: Cx015 remind

Putsch 79


Limited test edition of 200 copies.

12inch Clone X: Cx014 remind

12inch Clone X: Cx012 remind


Non Format

Great rocking techno-electro track by this side project of the Duplex guys. The flip contains two edits by Chris Callahan and Partisan MIDI.

12inch Clone X: Cx011 remind


Rebuild pt.II

Duplex gets remixed by Gerd (Amplified Orchestra) and John Arnold (Transmat/Ubiquity).. Brokenbeat style.

12inch Clone X: Cx010 € 7,99


Drexcyen R.E.S.T. Principle

Limited album promo 12 by the legendary electro/techno act. 1 of the 3 tracks will not appear on the LP. NEED I SAY MORE!!!! RUN FOR A COPY!!!

12inch Clone X: Cx009 remind

Like A Tim

Disc O Tim

Freaky Tim on the disco tip!!! Limited Clone release for the Italo/Disco Freaks. Beautiful artwork by the man himself.

12inch Clone X: Cx008 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

D.I.E. (Detroit In Effect)

Keep Hanging

Very limited 5 track Detroit ghetto tech/electrobass. Must have for basss freaks.

12inch Clone X: Cx007 remind



Clone's official test label brings you Duplex and friends.. featuring Fabrice Lig and Secret Cinema.

12inch Clone X: Cx005 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L