Mirror Men

Elitechnique - Mirror Men

Great follow up on the Finger food ep. On the A side a smooth grooving disco affair they are known for. Working the floor with some great melodic disco that sounds impressive on a big system. On the flip side two amazing tracks... 'Mirror Men' is a totally unexpected electronic disco funk track with some wave influences. Very classy and masculine track! 'Autumn Abyss' is a sweet and soulful track we would expect on a Kool and the Gang album, think Summer Madness style, with its incredibly warm sounding instruments. Man... this gives you shivers going down your spine! No samples used.. all real instruments, like back in the days. We are sure that if this track was old, Air would probably sample it for their new album ;-) Great versatile release from the Elitechnique boys. Very much recommended. (limited edition ep with tracks taken of the forthcoming full length)

12inch Clone X: Cx027 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L