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05-05-2022 - thursday

Nathan Kofi - Voltage Controlled Love Affair

Nathan Kofi

Voltage Controlled Love Affair

Oi! This is Nathan Kofi, introducing; “Voltage Controlled Love Affair”. A story about love, love for frequencies, love for the journey, love for the c... more...

12inch De Lichting: DLEP06 € 13,99

01-12-2021 - wednesday

Eversines - Solvation EP


Solvation EP

Hi, this is Remco, who made the music for this record. These tracks are my take on techno and electro cuts with an experimental twist..

12inch De Lichting: DLEP05 € 13,99

28-06-2021 - monday

Kaap - Omen EP


Omen EP

Amsterdam producer Kaap steps forward on his own De Lichting imprint with three twisted jams of deep and playful techno. The passionate gearhead, know... more...

12inch De Lichting: DLEP04 € 12,99

18-11-2020 - wednesday

Human Space Machine - Cycle

Human Space Machine


Over the course of three tracks, HSM explores the rich territories in between moody breakbeats, mesmerizing percussion riffs and drifting house. Its a... more...

12inch De Lichting: DLEP03 remind

14-05-2020 - thursday

Queniv - Redesign EP


Redesign EP

Opening track ‘Unfold’ starts at high pace with rubbery kick drums formed in an unstoppable groove. With its bleeping lazer shots and crafty programme... more...

12inch De Lichting: DLEP02 € 10,99

31-10-2019 - thursday

Various Artists - De Lichting - DELICHTING3

Various Artists

De Lichting - DELICHTING3

Amsterdam collective De Lichting presents the third sequel as part of their collaborative album series. ‘Drie’ emphasizes the euphoric and heated club... more...

2x12inch De Lichting: DELICHTING3 remind

11-07-2019 - thursday

Boris Acket - Znton

Boris Acket


De Lichting announces its first solo record “Znton EP”, by the courtesy of Boris Acket (half of Working Titles). Boris delivers a conceptual club pack... more...

12inch De Lichting: DLEP01 € 10,99

16-11-2018 - friday

Various Artists - De Lichting 2

Various Artists

De Lichting 2

De Lichting is back for their second double vinyl album titled; “Twee”. The collective showcases a genuinely sensitive and pure sound resulting in an... more...

2x12inch De Lichting: DELICHTING2 remind

02-06-2018 - saturday

Various Artists - De Lichting - Een LP

Various Artists

De Lichting - Een LP

De Lichting is a brand new collaborative project between three key underground labels from Amsterdam namely Yield Records, Native Response and Working... more...

2x12inch De Lichting: DELICHTING1 remind