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29-07-2020 - wednesday

Alexis Le-Fan  - Deep Cover #5

Alexis Le-Fan

Deep Cover #5

Hibernation's over and deep cover resurfaces in these strange times with two tested tweaks from a fan beyond la manche... a sublime striped steed need... more...

12inch Deep Cover: Deepcover005 € 16,49

25-09-2017 - monday

The Codfather - Deep Cover #3

The Codfather

Deep Cover #3

Two tracks from times past… crude cuts complete with krispy krackle... a pair of edits remembered, rescued and revived.

12inch Deep Cover: Deepcover003 remind

01-03-2017 - wednesday

Unreasonable Echo - Deep Cover 1

Unreasonable Echo

Deep Cover 1

Edits from a hole in the ground, a hole with unreasonable echoes, insane delays. The a side extends a french library musician called yannick's crowni... more...

12inch Deep Cover: Deepcover001 remind