Artist: Sneaker - All

Sneaker - The Flow


The Flow

THE LIGHTS, THE HEAT, THE STROBE, THE SWEAT! Just in time for the club season, Sneaker hands in two ten-minute trips containing the darkest secrets of... more...

12inch Uncanny Valley: UV057 € 12,99

Sneaker - The Beat Poet


The Beat Poet

F.T.V. Rec. is a label run by JenZi, based in Baden, Switzerland dedicated to dirty beats ranging from classic house to hip-hop.The Beat Poet is dropp... more...

12inch From The Vaults Records: FTVR07 € 14,49

Sneaker - Edits



4 Edits from Uncanny Afiliate Sneaker.

12inch Bahnsteig: BAH037 remind

Sneaker - Rhythm Composer EP


Rhythm Composer EP

Sneaker delivering a quartet of insane analog rhythm/drum tracks that will make your wettest dj dreams come true. The Rhythm Composer EP is the culmin... more...

12inch Bio Rhythm: RHYTHM024 € 9,99

Sneaker - The Midas Touch EP


The Midas Touch EP

Editor extraordinaire, Sneaker welcomes you to marvel at his Midas Touch. Happy disco or chirpy funk edits these ain't. Instead the Rat Life man unear... more...

12inch Frigio records: FRV022 remind

Sneaker - Meet The Heat ep


Meet The Heat ep

The infamous Sneaker (Rat Life) delivers 5 tracks of acid and ghetto house for ULM Records. Rough and dirty and material ... straight down to the bone... more...

12inch ULM: ULM002 remind

Sneaker - Algerian Rai


Algerian Rai

Sneaker is going deep with his interpretation of Rai music on RAT 6. "Rai is a type of Algerian popular music that arose in the 1920s in the Algerian... more...

12inch Rat Life: Rat06 remind

Sneaker - Holistical EP


Holistical EP

The Leipzig-based label Lunatic return with this new EP by Sneaker. The artist also known as Dunkeltier and spotted in the past on Uncanny Valley, Rat... more...

12inch Lunatic: Lun04 remind

Sneaker - Java / Sumatra EP


Java / Sumatra EP

Sneaker's first solo EP for Uncanny Valley is a record of high humidity. The Java / Sumatra EP evolved in large parts in Indonesia when Sneaker lived... more...

12inch Uncanny Valley: UV016 € 8,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Sneaker & Macoma - Daydreams / Wattschnecken

Sneaker & Macoma

Daydreams / Wattschnecken

Excellent retro electro disco house with elements of LFO, Italo disco & digital funk. Sounds like a love letter to Italo Disco, Miami Bass and a very... more...

12inch Elektro Tekkno Klash: Elektro Tekkno Klash ETK001 remind