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08-08-2014 - friday

Das Ding - Sequencer

Das Ding


Danny Bosten is back with brand new material as his Das Ding psuedo. Don't expect this guy to ruminate on his eighties material though. This is about... more...

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04-11-2014 - tuesday

Ian Martin - Alliance

Ian Martin


Monolithic drone tape from Rotterdam-based artist, and DJ for Intergalactic FM, Ian Martin. Within 50 minutes, spread over six tracks, 'Alliance' pres... more...

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03-11-2015 - tuesday

JSCA - Iser



Electronics duo JSCA, named after a song by obscure 80's act Monoton, creates cold machine music. Pulsating sine- and square waves drenched in delay,... more...

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Oneir - Oneir



This self-titled mystery tape from Oneir contains some of the loneliest synth/drone stuff we've heard in ages. Slowly creeping, meandering basslines,... more...

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10-07-2017 - monday

Joost M De Jong Jr. - Studies / Studien / Etudes

Joost M De Jong Jr.

Studies / Studien / Etudes

New release by the label that brought you tapes by Das Ding and Ian Martin. 'Studies' is a collection synthesizer pieces by Joost M. de Jong jr., insp... more...

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07-11-2017 - tuesday

Damcase - Sada Abe


Sada Abe

A full-length album by this Greek producer living in Rotterdam. Damcase turned heads with his releases on Mord and Bunker in 2016 and continues his ho... more...

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