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25-09-2023 - monday


Costly Blooms On The Eve Of Collapse

Dust-e-1 & Priori are back with a 4 track EP of dreamy, atmospheric electronica via their ANF alias. Thanks for listening & enjoy!

12inch Dust World: DWLD006 € 12,49

14-12-2020 - monday

Killer DJs

The Killer EP

Dust-e & Big Zen, going in again, this time with a full 12'' of one-takes, tracked out at THCity Studios. Thanks for listening and be well..

12inch Dust World: DWLD005 remind

22-06-2020 - monday



It's a pleasure to welcome Priori to the DustWORLD family.. What an EP.. Hope everyone is well out there..

12inch Dust World: DWLD004 € 11,99

17-02-2020 - monday

04-11-2019 - monday

Big Zen

Big Time Crush

Big Zen joins the DustWORLD family with a 4 track EP of ripped n' tripped bizniz. We thank ye kindly for listening.

12inch Dust World: DWLD002 € 9,99

13-05-2019 - monday


The Cosmic Dust EP

Deep and tripping atmospherica inaugurates DustWORLD, the new label of Montreal's Dust-e-1. Music from Dust & friends for the 20 Dust Century.

12inch Dust World: DWLD001 remind