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04-02-2019 - monday

Jocelyn - Other Heights


Other Heights

Jocelyn is next up on the ESHU label with three tracks of deep and smoky techno that mark his solo debut. He is one of the co-founders of the ESHU col... more...

12inch ESHU Records: ESHU013 remind

22-05-2018 - tuesday

V/A - Fragments EP


Fragments EP

ESHU, the production collective and record label from Nijmegen are back with their next offering. Their 12th release is a various artists release that... more...

12inch ESHU Records: ESHU012 € 9,99

19-03-2018 - monday

Tetelepta - Senang EP


Senang EP

Eshu records co-founder Ivano Tetelepta for his first solo release on the label. It is also the imprint's first full length, but Tetelepta's second al... more...

12inch ESHU Records: ESHU011EP € 9,99

26-02-2018 - monday

Tetelepta - Senang LP


Senang LP

ESHU's co-founder Ivano Tetelepta for his first solo release on the label. It is also the imprint's first full length, but Tetelepta's second album af... more...

2x12inch ESHU Records: ESHU011LP € 18,99

09-01-2017 - monday

Eshu - Fraktur EP


Fraktur EP

ESHU Records hits release number ten with a new EP from the in-house production collective made up of Jocelyn Abell, Ivano Tetelepta and Daniel Lekato... more...

12inch ESHU Records: ESHU010 € 9,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

26-10-2015 - monday

Ben Buitendijk / Tom Liem - Split 01 EP

Ben Buitendijk / Tom Liem

Split 01 EP

Dutch collaborative label ESHU Records is back with more inventive techno, this time from Tom Liem and Ben Buitendijk on their 'Split 01 EP'. Liem has... more...

12inch ESHU Records: ESHU009 remind

23-02-2015 - monday

SYS - Bad Signal EP


Bad Signal EP

After a short period of contemplation ESHU Records is back with fresh beats from their kindred spirits: SYS, they return to their native record label... more...

12inch ESHU Records: ESHU008 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

31-03-2014 - monday

06-01-2014 - monday

Eshu - Chlore EP


Chlore EP

Excellent hypnotic and energetic Millsian techno cuts by Eshu!

12inch ESHU Records: ESHU006 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

26-08-2013 - monday

V/A - Elements EP


Elements EP

ESHU Records returns with another various artists EP. 4 tracks by Aepiel, Hakimonu, Albert van Abbe & Counterpart, ranging from ambient to more straig... more...

12inch ESHU Records: ESHU005 € 7,99

12-11-2012 - monday

SYS - Monocle ep (Norman Nodge remix)


Monocle ep (Norman Nodge remix)

Sys are three Nijmegen based producers with different backgrounds, but with the same great view on music, delivering underground techno/dub with great... more...

12inch ESHU Records: ESHU004 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

13-08-2012 - monday

Eshu - Timeless ep (Echologist remix)


Timeless ep (Echologist remix)

The Eshu people return on their own imprint with the 'Timeless ep’, a trippy and funky techno release for the after hours. The A-side gives us MM, a 1... more...

12inch ESHU Records: ESHU003 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

25-04-2012 - wednesday

Various Artists - Palette ep

Various Artists

Palette ep

ESHU Records returns, after a successful first release, with a 4 track EP that shows the many sides of the techno spectrum ESHU Records admires. An ex... more...

12inch ESHU Records: ESHU002 remind

10-01-2012 - tuesday

ESHU - Maan ep


Maan ep

Always good to see new initiative from the Netherlands. For sure there is no shortage on new labels, but we have great feelings with this new label by... more...

12inch ESHU Records: ESHU001 remind