Artist: V/A - All

V/A - Music Box vol.2


Music Box vol.2

Influential classics like Los Ninos, Eon, ChariVari, Optimum, House Phone, Domina and French Speed.. All classic must have tracks on 1 plate.. DOPE!

LP EMC: EMC 02 remind

V/A - Amsterdam ep


Amsterdam ep

Zephon’s Mom presents Amsterdam flavours from jazz to electronic by Aardvarck, Kid Sublime, Rednose.

EP Zephonsmom: Zephonsmom 005 remind

V/A - Moxie edit vol.1


Moxie edit vol.1

3 cool disco tracks incl. the hard to find: Rinder & Lewis - For All My Sins.. (Silky/For All My Sins/Tabulater)

12inch Moxie: Moxie001 remind

V/A - Refraction vol.1


Refraction vol.1

Cool detroit techno 4 tracker with Jeff Samuel, Thick Liquorice, John Tejada and Titonton Duvante ft. Fabrice Lig.. Nice one!

EP Residual: REZ014 remind

V/A - Enjoy Detroit


Enjoy Detroit

A very fresh warm sounding compilations with beautiful electronica. For the people who love the experimental.

12inch Premier Cru: Premier Cru 69lp remind

V/A - Memory



5 amazing cover-version of electro classic tunes (John FOXX, D.A.F, Grauzone..) reworked by: It & My Computer, Porn.darsteller, Le Syndicat Electron... more...

CD Individu Analog: Individu Analog 001 remind

V/A - Expertise



Dutch compilation ft. Stars as Eyes, Multiplex, Funckarma, Eu and Mr Projectile among countless others.. 16 tracks of distinctly developed electronica... more...

CD Prospect: Prospect 001cd remind

V/A - We Still Kill The Old Way: The Double Double Cross


We Still Kill The Old Way: The Double Double Cross

I-f featuring Fred Ventura with a bizarre italo track. Mat 101 does a more filmisch song and Legowelt remixed Space Invaders are Smoking Grass..

12inch Viewlexx: V005 remind

V/A - Post Office


Post Office

Collection of minimal techno tracks by Daniel Bell, Robert Hood, Cabanne, Ricardo Villalobos a.o.

2LP Telegraph: Telegraph 06lp remind

V/A - Clicks & Cuts 3


Clicks & Cuts 3

Third in the Clicks & Cuts serie with tracks by Rob Acid, Swayzak, Luomo and many more.

LP Mille plateaux: Mille plateaux 116 remind

V/A - Classic and rare (la collection chapter 3)


Classic and rare (la collection chapter 3)

Rare and classic techno by Laurent Garnier, Jori Hulkonen Llorca and many more.

12inch F communications: F comm remind

V/A - Untitled



Disco and electro 6 track compilation with Monkeychop (Creme) , Luke Eargoggle (Bunker, Catnip), Polytron and Vulva (Helsinki) and others..

EP Stilleben: Stilleben016 remind

V/A - Disco Nouveau :Addendum


Disco Nouveau :Addendum

4 neo-disco cuts by Legowelt, Charles Manier, DMX Krew and Volga Select.

EP Ghostly International: Ghostly International 14 remind

V/A - Music box vol.3


Music box vol.3

3rd. Volume of this series with classic tracks as The Chase, Moskow Disko, Love Action, Automan a.o.

12inch EMC: EMC 03 remind

V/A - Immediate Action 006


Immediate Action 006

Hefty quallity minimal electronic tracks from Slicker vs. Aluminium Group, John Hughes, Savath+Savalas, Sagittarian Burners and Process..

LP Hefty: Hefty 024 remind

V/A - Best of Hotmix 5 '88


Best of Hotmix 5 '88

Chicago house compilation in original sleeve, featuring tracks by Ralphi Rosario, Ramos, Phortune, Kenny Jason, Mickey Oliver, Mario Diaz, Candy J and... more...

LP Hotmix 5 Records: HMF102 remind

V/A - Soul in Motion


Soul in Motion

A collection of soulful futuristic grooves, compiled by Volcov withtracks from Titonton Duvante, Domu, Hannah, Carl Craig, Drexciya, Yellow Magic Orge... more...

2LP IRMA: IRMA/Cuadra remind

V/A - On 002 Compilation


On 002 Compilation

Second copilation ep on this Dutch electronica imprint. 4 tracks by Adam Johnson, Mr. Projectile, Autophonic and Quench.. Sweat electronic experiments... more...

EP On: ON002 remind

V/A - Still Fucking With Star Whores


Still Fucking With Star Whores

Limited hand numbered 12 track double pack compiled by Alex Stark. From electro to more clash tracks for those who like Gigolo, Lazergun and the likes... more...

2LP Star Whores: Star Whores 008lp remind

V/A - Central Remixed pt.6


Central Remixed pt.6

6th part of this remix series with this time mixes from Soul Designer (Fabrice Lig), Memory Foundation and Substance (Chain Reaction)..

12inch Central: Central Special Project 06 remind

V/A - Immediate Action #8 (Telefon Tel Aviv RMXS)


Immediate Action #8 (Telefon Tel Aviv RMXS)

4 remix versions from tracks taken of the Fahrenheit Fair Enough lp, by Telefon Tel Aviv, Prefuse 73 and Slicker.. Great!!..

12inch Hefty: Hefty 041 /Immediate Action #008 remind

V/A - Dublab: Summer Selections


Dublab: Summer Selections

Tracks from Burnt Friedman & The Nu Dub Players, Cody Chesnutt, Prefuse 73 and Beneath Autumn Sky.. Great collection of tracks.. Summer sweat electron... more...

12inch Hefty: Hefty 040 /Immediate Action #007 remind

V/A - Play List ep


Play List ep

Previously unreleased on vinyl and taken from the Play List cd compiled by Jazzanova.. 3 great tracks from Rima, The Underwolves and Victor Davies..

12inch Jazzanova Compost Records: Jazzanova Compost Records 037-1 remind

V/A - Automan 6
12inch Automan: Automan 6 remind

V/A - Rewind! 2


Rewind! 2

Great nu-jazz remix album with tracks from Grayboy, Joseph Malik, Povo Povo, Roy Davis Jr, Yesterdays New Quintet a.o. ..Ubiquity quality !!

12inch Ubiquity: Ubiquity 119lp remind

V/A - Saturday Night Special


Saturday Night Special

Nice compilation of exclusive house and techno tracks.. Blake Baxter, G-Flame, Tim Baker, Cristian Varela and many others on this nice double pack..

2LP Real estate: Real Estate 020lp remind

V/A - Darker Than Blue - Soul From Jamdown 1973 - 1980


Darker Than Blue - Soul From Jamdown 1973 - 1980

70s reggae versions/ interpretations of soul classic on this double pack - ESSENTIAL!

2LP PK: PK05 remind

V/A - Jip 2


Jip 2

Jip is 2 years old.. and releases her second 12" with the most elegant and sweet electronica by artists such as Loden, Mitchel Akiyama, Loess, Koolfon... more...

12inch Jip: ETR007.2/JIP02 remind

V/A - Dosage



6 track ep, wicked cut-up hip hop flav. tracks with Xela, Suki Takahashi, Turninfire..

12inch Merck: Merck DO remind

V/A - Electro Empire


Electro Empire

Oldskool electro tracks from the Formic camp. 4 track yellow vinyl release..

12inch Electrecord: Electrecord remind

V/A - Dark Side of Disco Vol.1


Dark Side of Disco Vol.1

Classic 80's rare disco/italo/pop/electro compilation featuring Human League, Alexander Robotnick, Talking Heads, Yello, Yazoo, Klein & MBO, Dominatri... more...

2LP DD: DD 001 remind

V/A - The Disco-tech of.. Julien Jabre


The Disco-tech of.. Julien Jabre

Compilation w/ original versions of Herbie Hancock's ''Stars in Your Eyes'', George Duke ''I Want You for Myself'', Sun Palace ''Rude Movements'', Bla... more...

12inch Yellow: Yellow 145 remind

V/A - Opening Night at Ford's Theater


Opening Night at Ford's Theater

Cool compilation feat. Orgue Electronique, Bangkok Impact, Legowelt, Luke Eargoggle a.o.

12inch Molotov: Molotov 12-01 remind

V/A - Music Box vol.4


Music Box vol.4

More deranged electro punk funk classics that ruled the decks of dj genius Ron Hardy at the Music Box..

LP EMC: EMC 04 remind

V/A - State of the Union ep


State of the Union ep

4 funky clicking techno tracks from Detroit's Ghosly crew.. ft. James Cotton, Osborne, matthew Dear and Fexitone..

12inch Spectral: SPC05 remind

V/A - Idol Tryouts vol.1


Idol Tryouts vol.1

Compilation of various styles and artists.. Dabrye, Charles Manier, Matthew Dear, James Cotton and many more..

2LP Ghostly International: Ghostly International 13lp remind

V/A - Well-suited for General-purpose Audio Work


Well-suited for General-purpose Audio Work

Nice IDM works by Phoenecia, Otto von Schirach, Dino Felipe, Richard Devine a.o.

2LP Schematic: Schematic 025 remind

V/A - Well-suited for General-purpose Audio Work


Well-suited for General-purpose Audio Work

Nice IDM works by Phoenecia, Otto von Schirach, Dino Felipe, Richard Devine a.o.

CD Schematic: Schematic 025 remind

V/A - 2003 sampler


2003 sampler

4 cool detroit inspired techno tracks by Fabrice Lig, Arne "speedy" Weinberg, Rei Loci and Derek Carr.. Nice one..

12inch Headspace: Headspace 012 remind

V/A - Volume 1


Volume 1

Italian disco classics. Featuring Tapps ''My forbidden lover'' (instrumental), My Mine ''Hypnotic Tango'' and Cellophane Brain ''Gimme love'' (Italian... more...

12inch Radius Records: Rad001 remind

V/A - Volume 2


Volume 2

Italian Disco classics. Featuring Alexander Robotnick ''Problems D'amour'' (Midnight version), ETMS ''Sounds of the humanoid kind'', Scotch ''Penguins... more...

12inch Radius Records: Rad002 remind

V/A - Volume 3


Volume 3

Italian Disco classics. Featuring Azoto ''Exalt Exalt'', Casco ''Cybernetic love'' (Instrumental) and High Energy ''High Energy''. A cheap way of gett... more...

12inch Radius Records: Rad003 remind

V/A - ..



Cool 4 track compilation of Italo classics featuring, Casco "Cybernetic Love", Faxe "Time for changes", Amin Peck "Anxiety outro" (dub) and Amin Peck... more...

12inch Digitalo: Digitalo 1 remind

V/A - Infiltrate 5.0


Infiltrate 5.0

5 years of resistance.. Infiltrate is the yearly anti music conference in Miami.. And this is a compilation with artists like: Serum & Evolver, Supers... more...

12inch Rice and beans: Rice and Beans 003 remind

V/A - Staedtizism 4


Staedtizism 4

4th part in this minimal electronica series with tracks from Cappablack, Safety Scissors, Andrew Pekler, Thomas Fehlmann, Jan Jelinek, Daniel Bell, Ak... more...

12inch ~scape: ~Scape 017 remind

V/A - Re-Edit Mania!!!! Volume 1


Re-Edit Mania!!!! Volume 1

Serious re-edits voor the soul/funk/deephouse freaks.. Similar to the Theo Parrish ugly-edit 12s.. Limited!!

12inch Freestyle Ltd.: Freestyle Ltd. 001 remind

V/A - Detroit Beatdown Remixes vol.1


Detroit Beatdown Remixes vol.1

4 tracks remixed by Mike Huckaby, Daz-I-Kue, Gilbert Cohen and Reggie Dokes & Scott Ferguson.. Cool Detroit deep house tracks..

12inch Third Ear: 3eep017 remind

V/A - D.E.T. Only 02


D.E.T. Only 02

Limited (of 500) white label only release from the Twilight camp..

12inch D.E.T. Only: Det002 remind

V/A - Generator: Detroit 2003


Generator: Detroit 2003

Compilation of tracks from artist that played on the DEMF 2003 like.. The Advent, X-313, Mike Dearborn, Dj T1000, Chaos (UR), a.o..

2x12inch Exactaudio: Exactaudio 003 remind