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22-03-2013 - friday

Tommy Finger Jr. - Into You (Afrikan Sciences remix)

Tommy Finger Jr.

Into You (Afrikan Sciences remix)

Ethereal Sound welcomes on board Erevan based producer Tommy Finger Jr. On the other side deep mystical house remixes from Afrikan Sciences and Kotzil... more...

12inch Ethereal Sound: ES025 remind

Garben Eden - Garben Eden ep

Garben Eden

Garben Eden ep

Esoteric deep house tracks from Dusseldorf. Better than the average stuff.

12inch Ethereal Sound: ES020 remind

Various Artists - #19

Various Artists


Strong various ep with Joe Drive (Mathematics), Natan H, Bejamin Brunn (Third Ear) & Dazeman.

12inch Ethereal Sound: ES019 remind

Anton Zap - Background Series #4

Anton Zap

Background Series #4

Another 2-track winner from the king of Russian deep house!

10inch Ethereal Sound: ES018 remind

Nocow - Fort



Space downtemo beats from Saint Petersburg. Please welcome Lyosha Nocow. Dope dope dope!

10inch Ethereal Sound: ES014 remind

Various Artists - Ep

Various Artists


Lovely various artists release with Fred P, Pjotr, Vakula & Benedikt Frey delivering some fine deep house tracks.

12inch Ethereal Sound: ES017 remind

Yuri Shulgin - Flow EP

Yuri Shulgin

Flow EP

Nice jazzy house tracks by (for us) new producer Yuri Shulgin. Very good release!! recommended

12inch Ethereal Sound: ES016 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Christopher Rau - Background Series #5

Christopher Rau

Background Series #5

Part 5 in the background series. 2 deep tracks from mr Rau with nice raw jacking beats layers under atmospheric sounds.

10inch Ethereal Sound: ES011 remind

Vakula - Background Series #4


Background Series #4

2 track 12 by Vakula with deep electronical tracks

10inch Ethereal Sound: ES009 remind

Anton Zap - Background series #3

Anton Zap

Background series #3

Another deep house burner by Anton Zap. Warm tracks that roll smoothly and fierce.

10inch Ethereal Sound: ES007 remind

Pjotr - Sojush



Anton Zapp with a new name on his label, Pjotr. Three classy sultry deep house tracks with jazzy keys and samples. If its a debut for Pjotr, its a gre... more...

12inch Ethereal Sound: ES005 remind

Uncle deep - Social Background Series #2

Uncle deep

Social Background Series #2

Anthon Zapp's label delivering deep grooving house tracks with warm keys.

10inch Ethereal Sound: ES004 remind

Area - Innate Obscurity


Innate Obscurity

Moody electronic tracks with beautiful tracks. Modern electronica with a nice gentle dancefloor drive on Anton Zapp's label.

12inch Ethereal Sound: ES003 € 8,99

Anton Zap - Social Background

Anton Zap

Social Background

Deeper house sounds on this 10inch 2-tracker from Anton Zap.

10inch Ethereal Sound: ES002 remind

Anton Zap - I Get No Kick From Champagne

Anton Zap

I Get No Kick From Champagne

Russian producer Anton Zap on his own imprint Ethereal Sound recordings. ''I Get No Kick From Champagne'' Be sure to check out this party builder! ''A... more...

12inch Ethereal Sound: ES001 remind